Help Students Master Math with Infobase

Help Students Master Math with Infobase

From turning on a light switch, to taking life-saving medicine, to making phone calls on computers small enough to fit in our pockets, we rely on technologies of all sorts every day. In fact, we rely on them so regularly, we often take them for granted—and they only seem to get better as time goes on. And, that’s not even going into the technologies that help us improve our understanding of our world and the universe it inhabits, from the simplest school microscope to the James Webb Space Telescope.

Yet, any scientist or inventor will tell you that no new technologies would ever exist without mathematics. Space travel would be impossible without calculus, and math is a key part of any architecture or construction projects. Math is a key part of medicine, too, as being able to calculate and measure out the correct dosage of a drug can make the difference between life and death. Being able to make the right calculations, measurements, and estimates makes technology possible.

This Math 2.0 Day, take the time to check out some of the resources you can find in Infobase products to help students become comfortable and confident using math in their daily lives and better prepared to tackle both the rigors of college and their future careers—including STEM careers.

Check out Infobase’s Instructional Strategies Toolkit for effective teaching strategies and resources!

The World Almanac® for Kids and The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

The World Almanac® for Kids and The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary cover a wealth of math topics for middle school and elementary students. In The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary, students can learn about and practice their skills with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, measurement, place value, fractions, and time and money. The World Almanac® for Kids covers more challenging topics perfect for intermediate students, such as expressions and equations, geometry, ratios and proportions, statistics and probability, and the four operations, including number systems.

Both of these award-winning, complementary products feature exclusive, age-appropriate content for students, including articles, videos, Fun Facts, and games and puzzles designed to help them practice core math skills. Plus, educators can find a wealth of teacher resources such as worksheets, classroom management forms, science diagrams, and projects that can help with math instruction.

Math worksheets from The World Almanac® for Kids

Here are just some of the mathematics worksheets you’ll find in The World Almanac® for Kids.


Learn360, the ultimate streaming multimedia resource for K–12 schools and districts, features thousands of multimedia resources on mathematics, including videos, audio files, encyclopedia articles, activities, and interactives. Popular video series on math include Common Core Math 4 Kids, Real World Math, and Makematic’s Crayola: Moved by Math, and users can find more than 140 printable handouts featuring step-by-step math problems with clear instructions and analyses.

Here is just some of the new math-related content that was added this year to Learn360:

  • Let’s Talk About Money (Doggyland series, 2023, Item #287630): Bow Wizzle (played by Snoop Dogg) is here to teach the puppies all about money through singing, dancing, and rap! Kids can sing along and learn the difference between pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and dollars in this fun, math-and-counting-based kids’ music video!
  • Why Is Budgeting Important? (Financial Literacy series, 2022, Item #283085): Jamal goes shopping and wants to spend some money. He explores the idea of budgeting—what is budgeting? Why is it important?
  • Cubes (High Five Facts, Season 2 series, 2022, Item #283138): High Five Facts is a series of short, animated videos that showcase five interesting facts, covering a wide range of topics from space to animals to shapes—perfect for introductions to new topics, quiz time, brain breaks or as an additional visual resource at home or in the classroom. This video explores five fun facts about cubes.
  • Episode 1: One (Polkaroo Counts series, 2021, Item #285656): Oh no, the number one is missing from the Number Wall! Polkaroo heads out into the real world while Hudson hangs out at the Polkaroo Counting Lab, both of them counting and finding different iterations of the number 1.
  • Episode 1: What Are The Numbers 1, 2 & 3 (Counting with Earl series, 2021, Item #282998):  Counting with Earl is an animated series from Baby Einstein that teaches numbers and quantities. In this episode, Earl learns how to apply the numbers 1, 2, and 3 to quantities.
  • Episode 1: 1, 2 & 3 (Patch’s Number Forest series, 2021, Item #283008): Patch’s Number Forest is an animated series from Baby Einstein that introduces numbers 1–9. This episode introduces numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Learn360 also features mathematics interactives from Learnetic with clear learning objectives; organized sections consisting of animations, video clips, slideshows, images, and diagrams to explain key concepts; activities and quizzes to support applied learning, allow students to test themselves, and improve critical thinking; and Lesson Reports at the end to assess students’ work.

NEW Topic Centers

Have you heard about Learn360’s new Topic Centers? Topic Centers bring together in one place a diverse range of multimedia assets—including videos, interactives, audio, and printables—on some of the most popular topics in the curriculum, including a wide variety of math topics! With Topic Centers, teachers can save time looking for appropriate materials and create dynamic lessons that will captivate their students on subjects such as:

  • Addition
  • Counting and Place Value
  • Decimals
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Multiplication
  • Shapes
  • Subtraction
  • And more!

Streamable Learning

Accessible via a Learn360 subscription, Streamable Learning allows you to take your students on an interactive virtual field trip, including ones focused on math! Streamable Learning gives you access to hundreds of programs per year, plus an extensive library of more than 1,000 past recordings. Each event is sourced from educational institutions from around the world and delivered by subject-matter experts. 

Here are just some of the math-focused recorded events you can find on Streamable Learning from earlier this year. 

  • North Carolina Museum of Art presents Ancient Art and Early Math | Grades K–2: Students explore K–2 math standards in geometry while practicing observation, collaboration, and creative thinking around works of ancient Roman and Egyptian sculpture.
  • Living Maths presents Math Brain Busters | Grades 2–4: Be prepared to have your mind stretched as you attempt these fun math brainteasers. This session is designed to encourage problem solving, creative thinking, and analytical thinking while having fun!
  • Living Maths presents Colin the Clownfish and His Fabulous Friends: Part One of Three | Grades K–3: Allow your students to be introduced to the exciting world of problem solving, creative thinking, and mathematical reasoning through the excitement of stories. Steve will enchant the students with his wonderful stories while sneaking in some math activities. Allow Steve to keep your students engaged and laughing from start to finish.
  • Planet Bee presents Bee-Ometry | Grades 3–5: Have you ever wondered why the cells in a hive are shaped like hexagons? This dynamic STEM lesson focuses on the honey bee as it explores math and engineering concepts to teach students why hexagons are the most efficient shape for a cell. We review honey bee biology, jobs in the hive, pollination, and why bees are so important.

Plus, new upcoming interactive livestreams are scheduled on a regular basis. Check back often to see what’s coming up soon!

The Mailbox® Plus

Looking for math printables for prekindergarten through grade 6? The Mailbox® Plus is packed with 52,000+ fun and engaging ideas, worksheets, games, learning centers, and more that help inspire imaginations while teaching essential skills—including more than 11,000 activities specifically for math. All of the activities are teacher-created, teacher-tested, and educationally sound.

Science Online

The award-winning Science Online database offers a comprehensive overview of a broad range of scientific disciplines, including mathematics—the “M” in STEM. Its Mathematics Topic Center is a virtual study guide that features a series of editor-selected overview articles on topics including algebra, applied mathematics, calculus, geometry, and probability and statistics along with suggested research topics, videos and animations, key tables and data, and a comprehensive mathematics timeline.

Classroom Video On Demand

Classroom Video On Demand features a wealth of high school-level material appropriate for basic through AP courses on mathematics, including:

  • Geometry, a 20-part series from Tercera/Hurix Digital that explores geometry with a focus on the branch of trigonometry and the relationship between the angles and the ratios of the sides of the right-angled triangles. Engaging videos provide instruction on solving problems related to ratios, angles, and shapes.
  • Hundreds of titles from integral CALC on calculus and geometry
  • Accounting Fundamentals, an exclusive four-part series that provides an overview of accounting practices and concepts
  • Against All Odds: Inside Statistics, a series from Annenberg Learner that helps demystify math
  • Algebra Applications and Geometry Applications, two 10-part series from Media4Math that present an impressive array of real-world applications of algebra and geometry, covering the complete scope and sequence of both curricula.

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