Teaching Is Hard—The Mailbox® Plus Makes It Easier

Teaching Is Hard—The Mailbox® Plus Makes It Easier

Looking forward to the weekend? We know that teachers often spend hours of those precious days off prepping for the week ahead, taking you away from your families, errands, and much-needed downtime. Not anymore! The Mailbox® Plus for schools and districts, winner of Tech & Learning’s “Best of 2021” Award of Excellence in the Primary Education category, does (most of) the work for you!

First, we updated the look and improved upon the award-winning platform’s user experience to make it even easier to find what you need to teach effectively. But we didn’t stop there. Because your time is better spent with your students, you can now access your subscription to the award-winning platform through your institution’s Learn360 subscription. For busy teachers, the ability to access all of your materials through one easy access point means you can spend less time searching and more time doing hands-on activities.

Developed by Teachers for Teachers

The Mailbox® Plus is packed with 52,000+ fun and engaging ideas, activities, and worksheets for grades PreK–6 that help inspire imaginations while teaching essential skills. All of its content is carefully planned and edited by Infobase’s very own team of former teachers. This enormous repository of educationally sound, easy-to-use, teacher-facing / child-centered materials ensures that all educators at the primary-school level have access to effective and engaging activities, tips, lesson plans, make-and-print tools, and much more.

In addition, the award-winning platform is search-based for fast and easy access to materials. Lessons and ideas are categorized in all the ways teachers teach, including grade level, curriculum area, and type (worksheet, craft, game, etc.). Since all of the activities and ideas in The Mailbox® Plus are created by teachers, you can rest assured that they are curriculum-based, practical, easy to use, and error-free.

Topics covered in The Mailbox® Plus include language arts, science, math, reading, writing, social studies, and arts and crafts, as well as social-emotional learning and classroom management. The platform includes fifteen different activity types to choose from, including ideas (for independent work, small and whole groups), worksheets, centers and games, classroom forms, graphic organizers, crafts, booklets, classroom displays, songs/poems/rhymes, patterns, clip art, cards, and awards. You can make and print game cards, cubby tags, flashcards, desk tags, spelling lists, bingo boards, homework sheets, class newsletters, notes to send home, and math and language arts tools. And, you’ll never run out of fresh, new ideas. Every month, we add 100 to 125 new titles and pieces of content to keep you and your students engaged.

Use The Mailbox® Plus and Learn360 to Start or Complete a Lesson

With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily create a personalized lesson plan for math and language arts that includes an introductory activity, guided practice, leveled independent practice sheets, and assessments that check for understanding. Or use the activities and worksheets in conjunction with Learn360’s videos and interactives to support small group learning and differentiated instruction.

You can also use The Mailbox® Plus and Learn360 to supplement your own activities. For example, if you’re already exploring magnetism with your students, have them watch one of the many Learn360 elementary videos on magnetism, such as Wonderscape’s Magnetism and How Magnets Work—Science Kids or Visual Learning’s What Are Magnets? Build in accountability and check for understanding using in-video quizzes. And then follow up with one of the hundreds of The Mailbox® / The Mailbox® Plus activities/ideas on magnetism, such as Magnetism on the Move and Magnetic Dig activities or the Investigating Magnets worksheet. Combine Mailbox® resources with Learn360 assets to ensure that classroom instruction is differentiated to each student’s learning style and all cross-curricular goals are met.

Special Pricing for Learn360 Subscribers

The Mailbox® Plus is available for Learn360 subscribers at a reduced rate, making this educator time-saver both convenient and affordable. To learn more about The Mailbox® Plus, trial the platform, or reach a representative for discussion, contact Infobase at OnlineSales@Infobase.com.

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