Information Literacy: A Lifelong Learning Skill

Information Literacy Products & Content for All Learners

Information literacy (IL) skills are vital to success in one’s personal, professional, and academic life. Infobase’s authoritative content, tools, and technology, including professional development and training solutions, offer educators, students, and families strategies they need to learn new skills and deepen their overall knowledge base, become college ready, or advance in their careers.

Our information literacy resources for all levels help educators and students:

  • Explore topics such as digital literacy and citizenship, news literacy, identifying misinformation, election coverage, research skills, and more
  • Promote problem-solving approaches and critical-thinking skills
  • Identify what is real and relevant—not just for school, but for learning, life, and work
  • Root out sources of misinformation 
  • Evaluate, organize, use, and communicate information in all its various formats 
  • Learn valuable decision-making strategies
  • Improve research and writing skills
  • Assume greater control over their own learning
  • Increase participation in society as knowledgeable citizens

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