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Infobase delivers streaming video, reference databases, and eBook collections through seamless integrations into your institution’s LMS.

Create activities, lessons, and courses that students need with easy-to-use content you can trust. 

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Our cross-curricular K–12 online products are student-focused, user-friendly, and educator time-savers. 


The complete K–12  district solution! Teachers, students, and parents can access more than 182,000 media resources on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere, and engaging content landing pages make it easy to find the wealth of videos, interactives, printables, audio content, activities, maps and flags, and more.

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Classroom Video On Demand

This comprehensive, curriculum-focused subscription provides unlimited access to thousands of videos for middle-to-high school level students and is perfect for AP courses. Stimulate and reinforce in-class lectures, introduce new topics, and encourage open discussion on key subjects!

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The World Almanac® for Kids

Erasing the line between homework support and fun exploration, The World Almanac® for Kids is a natural complement to the middle school curriculum, providing resources for homework, reports, and projects, and a wealth of teacher resources such as lesson plans and learning objectives.

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The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

Help your elementary students develop online research skills with a trusted source. Features include exclusive, age-appropriate content for students, and a wealth of teacher resources such aa worksheets, classroom management forms, science diagrams and projects.

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Tie It All Together with Source Reference 

For Research, Information Literacy Instruction, and Federated Search

Source Reference—Where Students Begin Their Research

Source Reference integrates highly acclaimed reference content with instructional videos and tutorials to provide research instruction in the curriculum and at the point of need.

Federated Search Feature—Increase Usage of Your Library’s Other Online Resources!

Source Reference allows for the seamless integration of federated search results from your library’s licensed e-resources, leading students directly to deeper subject-focused research and maximizing usage and awareness of your entire library.

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Sneak Peek: Source Reference Skill Builders Video

This Digital Citizenship video is part of the Research Skill Builders modules in Source Reference that cultivate essential information literacy skills. The variety of videos, tutorials, and quizzes in this section can be used as needed within courses, one-shot sessions, student research, and more, covering topics such as:

  • Searching with Keywords
  • Citation and Plagiarism
  • Understanding Google Search Results
  • How to Identify and Debunk Fake News
  • Introduction to Note Taking
  • Thesis Statements
  • Evaluating Sources for Objectivity
  • Time Management Tips

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“Our teachers and students find it easy to use and an invaluable reference. We have had other streaming video sites, but none that are as easy to use and contain the quality [of] video…”
—Lillian Serafine, Assistant Director, The Taft School Library on Classroom Video On Demand—

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Get Instant Trial Access to Our K–12 Foundations Products through 12/15/21!

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Get Instant Trial Access to Our K–12 Foundations Products through 12/15/21!