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This collection will help prepare future allied health professionals for practice across a diverse range of health care settings, whether they are learning how to draw blood, administer medications, or help deliver a baby. The videos include titles from trusted producers such as Medcom-Trainex, Elsevier, NEVCO, Center for Phlebotomy Education, InJoy Health Education, Classroom Productions, and others.

Collection Highlights:

  • The Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy – proposes 10+ rules of specimen collection that must be followed without fail and why. Topics in this title include discussions on vein selection, customer service, patient and sample identification, technique, safety, and more. Other titles on phlebotomy from Center for Phlebotomy Education include Basic Venipuncture, Delivering World-Class Customer Service, Ending Hemolysis in the ED…and Everywhere Else, and more.
  • Aseptic Nursing Technique at the Bedside – a four-part series that provides a comprehensive overview of aseptic technique in the patient care unit.
  • Assessment of the Newborn – a five-part series that provides a virtual experience of newborn assessment and care through the use of footage taken in an actual birthing room and newborn nursery.
  • Cultural Diversity and Healthcare Competency – teaches health care assistants how to care for a diverse clientele by understanding their cultural differences.
  • Mosby’s Nursing Assistant Video Skills – an 11-part series that depicts the skills needed to become a successful nursing assistant, with live-action demonstrations of standard procedures performed by actual nursing assistants.

All programs are segmented into multiple pedagogical clips, convenient for intermittent use during classroom lectures or as assigned classwork.


  • Use video in class or as assigned classwork to reinforce complex medical techniques outlined in a textbook
  • Conveniently segmented for lecture and in-class use
  • Unlimited access from any location—on campus or off
  • Tablet- and mobile-friendly
  • Videos can be easily added to online catalogs, distance education courses, and learning management systems
  • Captioning and interactive, searchable transcripts on all titles
  • Create and share playlists—use premade clips, full videos, or custom segments to engage students
  • Public performance rights and no copyright infringement worries

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