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    About This Product

    Comprehensive History Content—Featuring 75+ Years of Expert Scholarship

    Infobase’s acclaimed history databases are designed to assist educators and students with their research needs. Our editorial team has benchmarked industry best practices and analyzed customer feedback to provide you with the best history offerings in the market.

    History Research Center includes the following resources, all fully cross-searchable and seamlessly integrated for complete history coverage:

    • American History: More than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history, with expanded coverage of American women’s history and U.S. government for comprehensive curricular coverage.
    • African-American History: A comprehensive examination of more than five centuries of the African-American experience.
    • American Indian History: 15,000 years of American Indian history and culture.
    • Ancient & Medieval History: An extensive exploration of world history from prehistory through the mid-1500s.
    • Modern World History: Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present.


    • Authoritative Source List: A complete inventory, by type, of the extraordinary amount of expertly researched and written content in the database, including articles from a wealth of award-winning proprietary and distinguished print titles, primary sources, images, videos, timelines, and a list of contributors to the database—information researchers can trust
    • Editorially Curated Topic Centers: Specially selected content on different eras and themes of history—including articles, shareable slideshows, videos, primary sources, and more—providing a starting point for research
    • Primary Sources: Thousands of primary sources, many with introductions that provide context and background—perfect for strengthening critical-thinking skills.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Delve deep into your topic or examine different perspectives through event and topic entries, primary sources, images, videos, general and topic-specific timelines, biographies, original maps and charts, and more
    • Slideshow Overviews: Enhance any topic discussion with the original, interactive whiteboard-friendly slideshows offering a fascinating visual introduction to key topics and themes
    • Controversies in History: Editorially selected pro/con articles on many high-interest controversies in history that can be found in American History, African-American History, American Indian History, and Modern World History, enabling researchers to grasp the essence and importance of every conflict and the reasons Americans debated them
    • Overview Essays: Substantial and thorough overview essays giving extensive background on relevant historical topics and eras
    • Book Chapters: Chapters from authoritative print titles written by noted historians, complementing the encyclopedia entries, biographies, definitions, and other article types in History Research Center; book chapters allow for original thinking and are ideal for an in-depth study of a topic
    • Election-Related Content: Rich historical content ideal for election-related studies and lesson plans, allowing users to research past elections, political parties, key figures, and important terms through essays, primary source documents, images, videos, tables, charts, and maps that put the 2016 election into perspective.


    • Integrated, seamless cross-search across any or all History Research Center databases in your collection
    • Convenient A-to-Z topic lists can be filtered by Topic Center
    • Tag “clouds” for all content, linking to related material
    • Maps and graphs with descriptions
    • Real-time, searchable Reuters® newsfeed
    • Save content directly to Google Drive
    • Single sign-on with Google or Microsoft
    • Google Sign-In allows users to easily access content with their Google credentials
    • A variety of integration options and partners, including Canvas and D2L (Desire2Learn)
    • Dynamic citations in MLA, Chicago, and Harvard formats, with EasyBib export functionality
    • List of contributors to the database
    • Read Aloud tool
    • Ability for users to set preferences for default language, citation format, and number of search results
    • Persistent record links
    • Search Assist technology
    • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat
    • Google Translate for 100+ languages.

    Booklist‘s Twenty Best Bets for Student Researchers (American History)

    Booklist‘s Editors’ Choice Reference Source (American Indian History)

    “…highly recommended…easy to use…”
    Booklist (Modern World History)

    “…an excellent resource… highly recommended…”
    Library Journal (African-American History)

    “…a valuable resource…highly recommended…”
    American Reference Books Annual (American Indian History)

    History Research Center: Exciting New Content Added

    We are delighted to announce our latest update to our five Infobase history databases (History Research Center)—valuable new entries, articles, and videos. Read More ›

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