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Essential Facts and Statistics on Hundreds of Fascinating Topics
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    About This Product

    Expanding on “the most useful reference book known to modern man,” The World Almanac® provides students and researchers access to authoritative, essential statistics on hundreds of topics in a searchable online format. A natural addition to any library, this online resource puts the reference shelf staple at users’ fingertips, with thousands of expertly organized facts.

    Categories include:

    • Year in Review: World Almanac®-featured stories, news chronologies, historical anniversaries, and notable events
    • Year in Pictures: Hundreds of full-color photographs featuring news, sports, and pop culture
    • Economy, Business, and Energy: More than 250 searchable tables, graphs, and charts covering all aspects of the economy, including economics, trade, employment, transportation and travel, agriculture, and energy
    • Crime: Information on crime and punishment, including crime arrest rates, prisons and inmates, and notable crime history
    • Military Affairs: An overview of U.S. military affairs, from leadership and personnel to U.S. casualties in past and present conflicts, plus additional information about other world militaries as well as military finance, military history, and insignia, salutes, and honors
    • Health and Vital Statistics: Searchable information on birth, death, marriage, divorce, health care, sexual behavior and gender identity, drug use, and accident statistics, including detailed profiles of major diseases and disorders and recent updates to USDA nutrition guidelines
    • Personalities, Arts, and Media: Pop culture information, from best-selling books to top-rated TV shows, and award winners ranging from the Nobel Prizes to the VMAs. Plus, thousands of notable personalities and celebrities
    • Science and Technology: An authoritative overview of the sciences, from environmental science and meteorology to aerospace science and technology. Additional topics covered include disasters, astronomy, calendars, and weights and measures
    • Consumer Information: Educational statistics are complemented by The World Almanac®’s customized listings of colleges and universities, featuring tuition, enrollment, and other vital college search information. Also includes information on basic everyday topics, such as taxes, social security and Medicare, and postal information, plus a directory of associations, organizations, and businesses
    • Nations of the World: Profiles of more than 195 nations and territories, with key statistical information, local histories, and full-color maps and flags
    • U.S. Facts and History: Key data on U.S. historical events, crucial founding documents and famous speeches, national symbols, national parks, and geography
    • U.S. Government: Listings of key government officials and information on each branch of the federal government, covering the Supreme Court, presidents, presidential elections, the executive branch, and Congress
    • U.S. Cities, States, and Population: Profiles of more than 100 U.S. cities and 55 U.S. states and territories, including population statistics, economic indicators, local histories, and much more
    • World History and Culture: Comprehensive chronologies of world history, plus coverage of world languages, religion, exploration and geography, famous historical figures, and buildings, bridges, and tunnels
    • Sports: Facts on dozens of sports, from more than 100 years of Olympic champions to World Cup soccer. Covers auto racing, baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, and track and field, as well as college sports. Includes individual and team statistics on hundreds of MLB, NBA, and NFL players, as well as all-time record holders.


    • Best-selling reference content—Expanding on the print edition, The World Almanac® features a searchable online format that places thousands of expertly organized facts at users’ fingertips.
    • Search for essential facts and background information on current events and news topics.
    • Fast, reliable information on a world of subjects, from economics to sports to pop culture.
    • Dynamic home page: The World Almanac®’s home page spotlights daily features including “This Day in History,” “This Day in Sports,” “Quote of the Day,” “Recent Updates,” and “Most Viewed” topics.
    • World at a Glance: The World Almanac®’s “World at a Glance” section features fast facts culled from the entire almanac universe to highlight the most essential items by topic, grouped into categories including “Surprising Facts,” “Number Ones,” “America: By the Numbers,” and “Entertainment at a Glance.”


    • “Export to Excel” functionality for downloading data—excellent for statistics classes, comparison charts, and reports
    • Full-color maps, flags, graphs, and charts
    • Google Translate for 100+ languages
    • Search Assist technology
    • Persistent record links
    • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago formats.

    Library Journal Best Reference Source

    “…has an admirable number of different modes of accessing information that will appeal to a wide variety of users. Frankly, I like just about everything about it, from the content to the look and feel to the functionality and even the price…This attractive and easy-to-use resource is a gold mine for reports and ready-­reference and will find countless other uses. A ten; enthusiastically recommended for libraries everywhere.”
    Library Journal

    “…easy to use…Students in search of facts and figures will find plenty of them in this online version of a well-known title.”

    “…highly recommended….”
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