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NEW Professional Development and Training Solutions, Including Content and Courses

InfobaseLearningCloud LogoOur Professional Development and Training Solutions, available on the Infobase Learning Cloud, offer more than 1,700 courses, including 100,000 videos across 50+ topics.

Educators Can Earn Professional Development Credit, Get Valuable Training, Utilize Their Own Content, and Assess Learning

Beyond its robust content library, Infobase’s delivery platform provides the ability to upload courses an institution has already built in order to meet certain initiatives, including adding custom assessments. This new learning delivery platform offers a complete outcome-based learning framework where users can create, manage, distribute, assess, credential, and now advance through their careers.

Fill Learning Gaps, Learn SEL Strategies, Create College- and Career-Ready Students, and Utilize New Distance Learning Technology

More than 1,700 courses, including 100,000 videos across 50+ topics:

  • Digital Literacy and Citizenship
  • Digital Tools and Technology Integration
  • Whole Child Social-Emotional Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Special Populations
  • Personalized Learning
  • Instructional Strategies
  • New Teacher Induction and Onboarding
  • School Improvement

Professional Learning Delivery System

Infobase’s powerful delivery system challenges the status quo in professional learning. It’s highly personalized to give educators autonomy over their learning, competency-based to ensure flexibility over the way learning is demonstrated, and sustained to offer ongoing learning opportunities for educators. Additionally, the system allows educators to collaborate with peers in a data-driven environment so they can make informed decisions that impact student success.

On-Demand, Proprietary, and Interactive Courses and Modules that Meet Industry Standards

LearnIt. DoIt. ProveIt. ShareIt.

National Frameworks and Standards

Infobase’s content fully supports each individual specification of all national and state standards and is aligned to all 50 states’ teacher evaluation standards. Nationally, Infobase’s professional development content is aligned to:

  • The Danielson Framework for Teaching
  • Marzano’s Instructional Framework
  • ISTE Student and Teacher Standards
  • McREL Teacher Evaluation System
  • The Standards for Professional Learning
  • Among many others.

New modules are regularly released in the areas of planning, special populations, assessment and evaluation, teaching strategies, learning environments, professional responsibilities, teaching online, technology integration, and software and technology support.

Driving Educational Outcomes

Just as effective teaching doesn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all model, meaningful professional learning programs can take a variety of different forms. Infobase’s Professional Development and Training Platform was built with this reality in mind. It takes a village to drive positive change, and we built a learning resource that goes beyond the school building walls to reach parents and the community. What’s more, our solution is built to expand teacher capacity to improve student outcomes and close achievement gaps.

Personalized Learning Provided On-Demand

Designed to support initiatives and drive positive change for schools, educators, and students, Infobase’s Professional Development and Training solution is a personalized and flexible platform built to deliver instructional content that best meets learners’ needs.

We provide more than 100,000 hours of technology training and professional development content on topics like personalized learning and social emotional development. Additionally, the solution provides advanced platform features, including:

  • Content creation toolkit to easily add your own content to the platform
  • Instant video transcription and translation
  • Micro-credentials and personalized learning pathways aligned to your standards
  • Advanced tracking and reporting

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Check out the complete course list and let us know how we can help with professional development and training at your institution.


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