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This expansive collection covers the broad range of arts and humanities, with individual sections for literature, art, music and dance, language learning, and media and society. With award-winning documentary programming, A-list performances, instructional and educational videos, special presentations, and more, this collection is a gold mine of content for lifelong learners.

Collection Highlights:

  • Broadway Archive Primetime Specials – 30 episodes of Broadway plays produced for television over the past 60 years, including Death of a Salesman, The Iceman Cometh, The Glass Menagerie, and others, with performances by Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Sam Waterston, Colleen Dewhurst, and more.
  • Ten Great Writers of the Modern World – a timeless, CableACE Award-winning 11-part series that blends superbly enacted drama with expert commentary and biography, while spotlighting the principal works of 10 icons of modern world literature.
  • A diverse collection of classic literary adaptations on film—including Anna Karenina, The Scarlet Letter, A Farewell to Arms, God’s Little Acre, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, and many more.
  • Hundreds of dance performances and documentaries, covering everything from baroque and ballet to contemporary dance and hip-hop.
  • More than 475 documentaries and live performances, featuring popular musical artists and bands across pop, rock, R&B, blues, punk, country, and more.
  • A wealth of instructional language learning programs, teaching Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, and American Sign Language.
  • Music Voyager – 40 episodes that explore the beauty of diverse destinations around the globe for an intimate look into music, lifestyle, cuisine, and culture.
  • The Adventurers of Modern Art – a six-part series that opens in Paris at the turn of the 20th century and examines the blossoming of Fauvism, Cubism, Dadaism, and Surrealism and the artists, art dealers, and muses who forged new creative paths.
  • Multiple exclusive titles from The Bill Moyers Collection, including On Faith & Reason: Margaret Atwood; Becoming American: The Chinese Experience; The Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas; and more.
  • How to Take Stunning Photos – six parts, each a “master class” that lays out a pathway to exceptional photography.
  • How to Recognize Fake News – a two-part series that equips viewers with tools to spot the stories and images that are false, biased, altered, or slanted, even those shared by trusted friends or family.
  • The Writers’ Workshop – authors Amra Pajalic, Angela Savage, Gabrielle Wang, and Tony Wilson discuss the writing process and elements of narratives in relation to their novels.
  • Images: 150 Years of Photography – a six-part series of film essays that looks at various aspects of photography throughout its history
  • Live from Shakespeare’s Globe – hours of vibrant performances filmed live at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Productions include Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, Love’s Labour’s Lost, and As You Like It.
  • Shakespeare: The Legacy – a program that unlocks some of the mysteries surrounding Shakespeare’s life and the legacy of his work across the globe, presented by John Nettles.

Titles within the collection are sorted across distinct, browsable subject categories, enabling refined searches for available titles in specific topic areas.


  • Unlimited, simultaneous access to thousands of full-length videos and clips, on-site or off
  • Exclusive, high-interest videos from top producers you won’t find anywhere else—plus, new content added regularly at no additional cost
  • Public performance rights to facilitate library programming and presentations
  • Full language support with Google Translate on all descriptions, transcripts, and navigation
  • Captioning and searchable, interactive transcripts
  • Free MARC records for every video
  • Marketing tools to increase patron awareness
  • Continuous Play and Loop Playlist options
  • Create and share personalized playlists using segments from multiple videos
  • Keyword tags for all content, linking to related material


  • Encourage community building
  • Create and enhance library programming opportunities
  • Add exciting visual content to your reference desk
  • Freedom from inventory hassles and damaged DVDs
  • Provide easily accessible, meaningful video content for learners of all ages

ABC News
BBC Learning
Bill Moyers
Biography Channel
Broadway Digital Archive
California Newsreel
Cambridge Educational
Canadian Broadcast Corp
Channel 4 Learning
ClickView Pty Limited
Falling Walls Foundation
Films for the Humanities & Sciences
History Education
Ken Burns
Meridian Education
Modern Marvels
monterey media
MVD Entertainment Group
National Film Board of Canada
National Geographic
NBC News
Open University
PBS NewsHour
Wide Angle

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