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At a time when the job market seems to be in a constant state of change and uncertainty, this collection is especially valuable for library patrons. In addition to covering the essentials of the modern job search, résumé building, networking, and interviewing skills, it provides overviews of career fields across the spectrum as well as insights into the skills necessary for success on the job. Patrons will also find training videos on vocational trades such as construction, automotive, IT, applied engineering, and more.

Collection Highlights:

  • Career Exploration – overviews of career fields across the career clusters as well as titles on self-assessment, goal setting, and dealing with unemployment; includes the expanding 137-part series Career Q&A: Professional Advice and Insight, which features candid video interviews with professionals across multiple industries and gives viewers a no-nonsense account from working professionals on important, career-related topics.
  • Job Search Skills – the best practices for résumés and portfolios, searching for jobs, networking, interviewing, and a special section on using modern technology across the job search; includes LinkedIn for Networking and Job Search: Basic and Advanced Techniques, a 30-minute program explaining how to create an effective LinkedIn profile and use the site to connect with potential employers.
  • Job Success Skills – the best practices for succeeding and advancing at work, including professionalism, etiquette, career development, management and entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, and more; includes Professionalism 101: Skills to Succeed and Advance at Work, a three-part series that takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success.
  • Automotive Technology – instructional and overview videos on automotive theory, diagnosis and repair, safety, and career and industry content; includes the series Essential Automotive Tasks: Volumes 1–3, a collection of step-by-step tutorials showing how to perform some of the most common tasks an automotive professional will experience, and the three-part series Diesel Engine Technology and Service, covering the fundamentals of diesel engine technology and construction as well as how to properly tear down a diesel engine and how to service a diesel cylinder head.
  • Building and Technical Trades – more than 250 titles spanning construction, woodworking, electrical wiring, HVAC/R, welding, plumbing, and more; includes Residential Energy Efficiency Projects, a five-part series that provides viewers with the how-tos for a variety of projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency while reducing homeowners’ heating and cooling bills.
  • Engineering Technology – applied engineering in manufacturing, electronics, civil engineering, and more; includes Blueprint Fundamentals: Interpreting Symbols and Specs, a program that gives viewers a detailed primer on types of blueprints and how they are read, and the six-part series The Age of Robots, which guides viewers through the discovery of the most intriguing projects that robotics has to offer, getting to know machines and ideas that will impact our future or are already part of our everyday lives.
  • Information Technology – instructional and documentary titles on computing, networking, programming and web design, data management, and security; includes Data Mining: Big Data’s Increasing Challenge and Payoff, a program that explores the methods, processes, and key functions of data analysis with eye-catching graphics and interviews with industry experts.
  • Technical Communication – titles on creating graphics and design, photography, video, and other digital media; includes the two-part Creating Mobile Apps series, which goes inside the world of app creation from the eureka moment that inspires a new project through various stages of content and interface development to the final phases of deploying and promoting the app.
  • Technology Survival Skills – hundreds of brief, easy-to-follow instructional videos from John Wiley & Sons’ “For Dummies®” that bring viewers up to speed on the technologies that people use every day, including computers, software, phones, tablets, and online services and applications; includes the 14-part series Digital Literacy for Dummies Applications & Troubleshooting Course, which covers basics ranging from fixing computer start-up and connectivity problems to how to watch a movie online.
  • Hospitality and Tourism – videos on the leisure industries, including tourism, hospitality, and food service; includes Journeys and Destinations, a program that examines the fundamental aspects of travel, including why we travel, transport choices, destinations, visitor needs, and new and emerging destinations, with extensive interview footage with a range of academic experts and other industry professionals in the travel and tourism industry.

Titles within the collection are sorted across distinct, browsable subject categories, enabling refined searches for available titles in specific topic areas.


  • Unlimited, simultaneous access to thousands of full-length videos and clips, on-site or off
  • Exclusive, high-interest videos from top producers you won’t find anywhere else—plus, new content added regularly at no additional cost
  • Public performance rights to facilitate library programming and presentations
  • Full language support with Google Translate on all descriptions, transcripts, and navigation
  • Captioning and searchable, interactive transcripts
  • Free MARC records for every video
  • Marketing tools to increase patron awareness
  • Continuous Play and Loop Playlist options
  • Create and share personalized playlists using segments from multiple videos
  • Keyword tags for all content, linking to related material


  • Encourage community building
  • Create and enhance library programming opportunities
  • Add exciting visual content to your reference desk
  • Freedom from inventory hassles and damaged DVDs
  • Provide easily accessible, meaningful video content for learners of all ages

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