A Path Forward: A Conversation with Paul Skordilis: Video

Meet Paul Skordilis, President and CEO of Infobase. Featured in Education Technology Insights magazine, he explains how Infobase has become a Top 10 Distance and Remote Learning Solution Provider.

“Our strategy is simple: Listen to the market and understand the challenges our customers face and deliver solutions to help solve those challenges.” Paul Skordilis tells us why the voice of the customer and delivering educational content through flexible and secure technology are top priorities at Infobase. Watch the interview with Paul to learn the history and vision of Infobase and Paul’s purpose and passion.

Read the complete interview with Paul in Education Technology Insights magazine.

For a quick overview about Infobase, our products, and why more than 70 million users utilize, manage, and deliver our content each year, get the infographic.

A special interview with Paul Skordilis, President and CEO of Infobase.