eSchool News Webinar: Strategies for Creating a Successful Collaborative Learning Environment

eSchool News Webinar: Strategies for Creating a Successful Collaborative Learning Environment

An effective instructional strategy on its own merits, collaborative learning demonstrated some additional benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic—for instance, it provided a much-needed sense of connectedness and social interaction among students, and with the right digital technology, was able to be moved seamlessly to a virtual environment. Collaborative learning can increase student retention and learning, enhance self-confidence, and empower students with skills that will prepare them for lifelong success, in the workplace and beyond.

In this webinar, our panel of educators discusses best practices—and pitfalls to avoid—when implementing or improving your collaborative classroom, and why professional training can be so valuable in supporting educators with the tools they need to use this instructional strategy effectively. Presented by Infobase & eSchool News.


photo of Bonnie Blan, MBA

Bonnie Blan, MBA

Professional Development Consultant @Infobase
Bonnie Blan has been an educator for more than 30 years, teaching Pre-K through higher ed. As a Technology Director and Instructional Technology Coordinator, Bonnie worked with educators in numerous school districts to establish instructional strategies for project-based learning. She retired from full-time teaching in 2018 and now works with school districts and Infobase as a Professional Development Consultant for Texas’s statewide digital resources program, TexQuest.

photo of Ashly Spencer, Ed.D.

Ashly Spencer, Ed.D.

Instructional Technology Specialist and Gifted & Talented Specialist @Kennedale ISD
Dr. Ashly Spencer works as an instructional technologist for her district, collaborating with district leaders, campus-level administrators, and classroom teachers ranging from Pre-K-12th grade to provide strategies for developing high-quality technology integration into teaching and learning to improve student performance district wide. She is the 2021 TCEA Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year.



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