LJ Webcast: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Public Library

LJ Webcast: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Public Library

Public libraries have a unique ability to bring about positive social change in their communities, whether by addressing issues of systemic racism, reaching out to immigrants and refugees, or providing essential resources for political, cultural, or personal growth.

This webinar features a panel of distinguished public library professionals who are embracing their role as community leaders. The thoughtful discussion spotlights how these librarians are promoting equity and inclusion and offering support for their diverse communities. They share their experiences improving services for underserved populations, adopting effective racial literacy plans, and taking concrete action to create inclusive and welcoming library spaces and services to uplift their communities. Presented by Infobase and Library Journal.


  • Paula Kelly, Library Director, Whitehall Public Library, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Svetha Hetzler, Library Director, Sun Prairie Public Library, Sun Prairie, WI
  • J. Caroline Smith, Inclusive Services Consultant, South Carolina State Library
  • Tamara King, Community Relations Director, Richland Library, Columbia, SC
  • Moderator: Andrea Blackman, Division Director for the Nashville Public Library’s Civil Rights Center and Special Collections Center

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