The Credo IL Strategy Handbook, Second Edition: White Paper

The Credo IL Strategy Handbook, Second Edition

From Planning to Assessment: A Guide to Creating a Successful Information Literacy Program

Credo’s team of librarians have created the Information Literacy Strategy Handbook, Second Edition, based on years of working with hundreds of libraries, research into current best practices, and insight from our customers. This updated edition includes a new chapter on teaching IL online, discussing curriculum, outreach, and especially student engagement. Key content includes:

Marketing Your Information Literacy Program

  • How to articulate the value of information literacy instruction to your administration and faculty
  • Marketing and promotion best practices
  • Structuring your program for success in many different modes of delivery

Setting Your IL Program Up for Success

  • Backwards designing a program from your students’ and stakeholders’ needs
  • Tips for using the ACRL Framework and other IL standards
  • Creating a dynamic IL program across the curriculum

Continuously Improving Your IL Program with Assessment Data

  • Using quantitative and qualitative data to inform and improve your IL program
  • Assessment types and their uses


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