Increase Student Success with Social & Emotional Learning

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Empowering educators, parents, and students to transition to—and excel with—distance and blended learning

Infobase’s educational tools, content, and professional development and training solutions offer educators and families at all levels strategies they need to learn new skills.

Take a look at our wide range of content that will help educators and students:

  • Learn to know and manage themselves
  • Understand the perspectives of others and relate effectively with them
  • Make sound choices about personal and social decisions

The full suite of Infobase products, combined with tools that allow educators to create, manage, deliver, and assess learning, helps your students meet state mandates, become university ready, or advance into their careers. 

The products in each package were selected based on the SEL concepts of:

  • Problem-solving skills (critical-thinking component)
  • Growth mindset (vs. fixed mindset)
  • Celebrating diversity / perspective-taking
  • Understanding others’ emotions and thoughts
  • Managing stress / anxiety / frustration
  • Practicing respectful disagreeing
  • Workplace readiness, teamwork, and success

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