College and Career Readiness Toolkit

The world may be getting smaller, but the changes are coming faster. We’ve gathered a wealth of content and digital tools—including special expert-led webinars, advice videos, and blogs—to empower you with fresh insights, information, and practical strategies to help your community thrive

Resources that support college and career readiness—and so much more!—at all levels.

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College- and Career-Readiness Workshops

The college experience and preparing for a career are shifting. Give the right advice now. Check out our exclusive series of free workshops for schools, colleges and universities, and public libraries led by Adam A. Smith, nationally recognized higher education expert. These engaging sessions provide educators and mentors with the skills and knowledge to effectively coach students to succeed in getting TO and THROUGH their higher education—and INTO their careers.


Vault, an Infobase Company, Acquires Firsthand, the Leading Mentoring and Engagement Platform for Students and Alumni

Vault has joined forces with Firsthand, the premier career mentoring and engagement platform for students and alumni. By integrating Vault’s unique content with Firsthand’s engagement platform, we aim to take the mission of democratizing access to great careers to an entirely new level. Combined, the new entity will serve more than 500 higher education institutions and over 8 million users annually.


Bite-Size Career Tips from Expert Sue Morem

Gain valuable insight and actionable career tips from Sue Morem, author of How to Gain the Professional Edge and contributor to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, on the essentials of looking for work during a pandemic, networking, virtual interviews, and more. Videos include:

  • Looking for Work During a Pandemic
  • Networking for Success
  • Virtual Interviews and Meetings
  • Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life
  • Selling Yourself: You Are the Product

Learn Skills, Tips, and More from These Papers, Infographics, and Resources

Illinois High School Student Assesses Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

A Firsthand Account of How High School Students Are Exploring Colleges and Careers

At Infobase, we strive to find innovative ways to help students and educators achieve their goals. So, we were excited to hear directly from a student about his experience using Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, our award-winning career exploration database, and which parts were most valuable to him.

Authoritative Guides That Help Students Plan, Choose, and Excel Throughout the College Readiness Journey

College Readiness: The Vault Guide for High School Freshmen and Sophomores prompts students to ask the right questions and directs them to resources and information that can help them understand how to build a well-rounded high school record. It offers clear-cut steps for understanding college costs, financial aid options, and planning to pay for college—and it emphasizes the most important aspect for choosing a school: finding the one that is right for you.

College Readiness: The Vault Guide for Juniors and Seniors tackles the array of tasks and obligations college-bound students in their junior and senior years face—from taking entrance exams and writing application essays to choosing the right college for their goals and figuring out how to pay for it. This guide offers practical advice, information, and resources for mastering these challenges and setting the stage for college success. The advice, information, and resources provided here will give students the edge in planning and achieving their goals for higher education

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