Bite-Size Strategies You Can Use Right Away

Rave reviews for the SEL & Beyond Workshop from attendees!

“These six webinars have been my favorite out of the almost 700 hours of PD I’ve done since April.”

“I really appreciate that this training was offered free of charge and that it has the potential to have a ripple effect and benefit so many people beyond just the attendees. Thank you so much for doing this!!!”

“These sessions have been so enlightening and enriching. There was never a dull moment.  Thanks a million for empowering me with your knowledge and expertise!”

SEL is more important now than ever for students, both in school settings and in their communities. We are proud to offer this special six-part workshop with SEL experts Trisha DiFazio and Allison Roeser of SEL & Beyond. These impactful sessions introduce SEL, show how you can effect change within yourself and your students, and provide helpful, bite-size strategies that you can put into action immediately. Accompanying blog articles reinforce and elaborate on the material covered in each session.

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SEL & Beyond: A Dynamic Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning and Its Core Competencies

Free, 6-Part Workshop

Social and emotional learning (SEL) advocates Trisha DiFazio and Allison Roeser present six engaging webinar sessions on SEL, beginning with an introduction to SEL, followed by a review of each of the five SEL Core Competencies (as defined by CASEL): self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Each dynamic session equips viewers with the “what, why, when, where, and how” of SEL, providing easy-to-implement SEL strategies that can be used in any classroom or online learning environment across content areas and grade levels.

SEL & Beyond: An Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning

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BONUS: Introduction to SEL blog article!


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BONUS: SEL & Beyond: Self-Awareness blog article!

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BONUS: SEL & Beyond: Self-Management blog article!

Watch the recording
BONUS: SEL & Beyond: Social-Awareness blog article!

Relationship Skills
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BONUS: SEL & Beyond: Relationship Skills blog article!

Responsible Decision-Making
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BONUS: SEL & Beyond: Responsible Decision-Making blog article!


Trisha DiFazio is an author, education consultant, and former adjunct professor in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California (USC). She is passionate about empowering teachers and students around Social and Emotional Learning, Cultural Responsiveness, and Mindfulness.



Allison Roeser, Master of Health Science (MHS) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC), has almost two decades of experience working with leaders in education, child welfare, and social change. As an avid learner of mindfulness practices, Allison has seen firsthand the value of integrating self-awareness into professional and personal development.



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