Infobase helps solve the educational and learning challenges of a rapidly evolving learning landscape. We enhance teaching and learning effectiveness by delivering award-winning educational resources and digital tools through cloud-based media and learning platforms. Each platform’s flexible tools and deliverability options provide easy and efficient personalized learning pathways, outcome-based assessment, and real-time analytics that allow institutions across all sectors to achieve better outcomes.

Infobase has empowered more than 160 million learners to achieve academic and professional success through trustworthy content delivered flexibly. Join your peers!

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Introducing the Infobase Media & Learning Cloud Platforms

Infobase Media Cloud

  • Diverse and deep suite of award-winning educational resources, including streaming video, databases, and eBooks
  • Authoritative, citable content created and curated by scholars and subject matter experts 
  • Powerful research tools delivered securely 
  • Innovative technology that offers interoperability, single sign-on
  • Aligns to state and national educational standards
  • Core curriculum and timely, high-interest topics for learners and educators address every department at your institution

Infobase Learning Cloud

  • On-demand teaching and learning platform offering professional development, training, and information literacy solutions 
  • Self-paced, customizable modules or comprehensive educational content
  • Micro-credentialing and the ability to earn continuing education credits
  • SCORM interoperability and the ability to white label the platform or author courses
  • Secure digital tools dynamically tailored for each institution or person’s needs
  • Content delivered through our own Learning Delivering System or yours

Securely Integrated Technology

  • Integrate content into Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, itslearning, and more
  • Full interoperability
  • Single sign-on
  • Search by educational standards
  • Integrations with discovery services such as Follett, OCLC, Softlink, EBSCO, and more
  • Tag clouds and default preferences
  • Deliver instructional content through the Learning Cloud or with easy integration with all major Learning Management Systems, or other systems, through LTI and SCORM interoperability
  • White label the Learning Cloud platform and author your own courses

New and Featured Resources

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