Thank You! Infobase Quick Hits: Content Foundations for First-Year Instruction: Webinar

Infobase Quick Hits: Content Foundations for First-Year Instruction: Webinar

If teaching basic information literacy to beginning researchers is “teaching them to fish,” then providing basic background information for first years is akin to ensuring the ponds are filled with fish—academically curated, citable, thoroughly vetted fish. But seriously, for students taking their first steps in academic research, Infobase provides premier reference content in any subject. Join us for a quick tour of why students should start research with Infobase.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to navigate Credo Reference: Academic Core, our academic alternative to Wikipedia, and use the Mind Map and federated search features to facilitate research’s first steps.
  • How to write about popular authors and literature works using Bloom’s Literature‘s popular “How to Write About” feature.

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Information literacy is a lifelong learning skill and is vital to success in one’s personal, professional, and academic life. Infobase’s authoritative content, tools, and technology offer strategies to learn new skills and deepen one’s overall knowledge base. Check out products that support and improve digital citizenship, news literacy, identifying misinformation, and critical-thinking and research skills, plus election coverage and much more. LEARN MORE.

Enjoy the Webinar!