5 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Community’s Teachers

5 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Community’s Teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our Learn360 educators! Thank you for the late-night lesson planning and emails, the relentless positivity, and your unwavering belief in our children and students. Our team is inspired by teachers every day, and every day we celebrate the teachers and staff who support our schools. Here are some ideas of how to show appreciation for all of the educators in your community.

1. Celebrate Education Every Day

Teachers sacrifice every day to support our education system. Keep the appreciation going all year long. Make a point to give regular pep talks. Start your staff meetings with an inspirational video, and remind your staff of the endless impact that they make every day. Educators have a long history of changing the world and influencing history. Consider viewing TEACH (Item #146108) with your staff and discussing the teachers and historical figures who inspire them.

2. Support Your Teachers with Meaningful Professional Development

Listen to the needs of your staff, and invest in opportunities for growth and learning. Educators are more likely to feel successful when presented with opportunities to develop their craft and drive professional learning. Check out The Teacher’s Playbook: Effective Strategies (Item #238848) to spark conversation about the professional needs within your school.

3. Support Your Educators’ Emotional Well-Being

Teaching is a calling, but it is only one aspect of every teacher’s life. More than ever, teachers have devoted their time and energy to ensure the well-being of their students. Prioritize connecting with your staff and supporting their goals in and outside of the classroom. Host a viewing of My Future Self (Item #277153), and discuss ideas to support one another.

"My Future Self" video on Learn360

4. Provide Mentorship and Coaching Opportunities for Your Teachers

Oftentimes, educators learn more during the coffee break of a conference than in all the presentations. Make sure that you are providing staff with opportunities to build relationships with one another and create a supportive environment. Consider viewing How to Identify Your Best Assets (Item #238827) and building in time throughout the school day for colleagues to connect and learn from each other. We love the concept of administrators subbing in so teachers can circulate and observe each other during the school day.

5. Cultivate Joy

Teaching is hard, but it is also filled with joy. A given school day is filled with spontaneous laughter, endless hysterical observations, and countless moments of pure delight and silliness. Celebrate that this job allows you to dance like a chicken, sing summer camp karaoke and run a comedy show all while shaping young minds. Gather your staff and celebrate the sweetness of teaching with Highlights’ Brainplay series (Item #184276). As a school community, reflect on the moments that bring joy each day.

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