Celebrate International SEL Day with Learn360!

Celebrate International SEL Day with Learn360!

On International SEL Day, Learn360 is celebrating all the educators out there who create safe and inclusive spaces for students to express themselves. From the uplifting bulletin boards on the walls to the after-school carpool conversations, we know that educators go above and beyond to ensure that every student feels supported. Educators are the magic in every classroom, and we love the way teachers use Learn360 to build community and develop emotional intelligence in the classroom. Read below for some of our favorite ways to integrate social-emotional learning using Learn360 media resources.

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10 Ways You Can Use Learn360 Resources to Promote SEL:

  1. Start each day with an inspirational quotation written on the board. Choose from some of our favorites in Social-Emotional Learning Mini Posters (Item #211861).
  2. Cultivate a sense of belonging by voting for a class song and building it into your daily routine. We suggest Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Item #101206) for a fantastic start to the day.
  3. Take temperature checks of your students’ moods throughout the day and week. Check out Day-by-Day Plans: Feelings (Item #211818) for some creative ways to introduce and discuss emotions.
  4. Make your bulletin boards sparkle with Social and Emotional Learning Printables (Item #211860).
  5. Schedule in mindful moments. Take a pause to listen to the ocean waves and reset after recess with Seaside Solace (Item #99006).
  6. Integrate social and emotional learning across subjects. Launch a conversation about empathy and forgiveness after viewing The Tempest—Empathy and Forgiveness (Item #147821).
  7. Encourage students to express their emotions through their art and writing. Find innovative ideas and inspiration with the Crayola: Social-Emotional Learning series (Item #275050).
  8. Build in movement throughout the day. Get up and stretch with Yoga with Kids (Item #274977).
  9. Practice active listening and perspective taking with Do You See What I Hear (Item #275049).
  10. Lean into your joy. A happy teacher is a happy classroom. Students can feel the passion and love infused in your lessons. Embrace the activities that you love, and the learning will follow. Explore all of your strengths with Celebrate Strengths (Item #274986).

In the words of Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” On International SEL Day, Learn360 hopes that every teacher and student feels supported and valued, and we have all the social-emotional learning resources to keep you smiling and thriving until Spring Break and summer rolls around.

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