Digital Learning Ideas for Your Elementary or Middle School Classroom

Digital Learning Ideas for Your Elementary or Middle School Classroom

Are you feeling nostalgic for the days of sparkly trifold posters and sugar cube Parthenons? Do you miss the magic of conducting hands-on experiments and the excitement of class excursions? Every day, teachers dedicate their time, energy, and creativity to designing lasting experiences for their students. Learn360 is here to help educators bring back those beloved projects and enhance them with all of our media assets.

Read about some of our favorite classroom project ideas that incorporate our Learn360 assets below.

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Influential Women Wax Museums 

It may only be February, but it’s never too early to celebrate all the influential women in our world. Learn360 has all audio, video, and reading comprehension resources to educate your classroom on female contributions worldwide. Play music from female musicians, listen to books from famous authors, and celebrate the strength of women. Pro tip: Flip a paper cup over and label it “Press here” to give your wax museum some added authenticity.

One Country, Many People 

We live in a beautifully diverse country, and every voice should be celebrated. Task your students to learn about our cultures. On Learn360, we have videos, recipes, and reading comprehension activities to learn about the wonderful customs and traditions across cultures. Pro tip: Take a video of student presentations and link it to a QR code on each student’s poster board for a 21st century learning experience.

World Fair Inventions 

Every student wants to be the next big inventor (or maybe TikTok star). What better way to appeal to all learners than by hosting your own world fair! Explore the cause and effect of different inventions and create a timeline across your classroom. Learn360 has all of the resources to support and inspire the next great inventor! Pro tip: Have students conduct interviews with members of the community to identify problems that need to be solved.

Young inventor from video found on Learn360

Host a Publishing Party 

Read Across America Day is coming up soon. Learn360 has read alouds, biographies, and interviews with all of your favorite authors. Inspire your students to write and create illustrated books of their own. Pro tip: Dress up as your favorite book character and Invite a younger class to listen to all the stories.

Human Body Fair 

If there’s one thing that all teachers know, it’s that you are never too old to dress up. Gather up some white shirts and have a white coat ceremony. Every student can become a scientist with our Learn360 resources. Pro tip: Invite the P.E. teacher to visit and speak about the connection between science and physical health.

We love seeing Learn360 being used in creative and exciting new ways. Rekindle your love of teaching and let Learn360 bring some magic back into the classroom.

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