Spark Authentic Connections: Infobase Announces Acquisition of Firsthand

Spark Authentic Connections: Infobase Announces Acquisition of Firsthand

Building the Next-Generation Alumni Engagement and Mentoring Platform

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Firsthand, the premier career mentoring and engagement platform for students and alumni, and will be merging it with our career readiness platform Vault, the leader in employer rankings and career guides.  

This all-in-one engagement platform is the meeting place for virtual career and enrollment fairs, mentorships, job postings, forums, and more. An innovator in the rapidly growing student success space, Firsthand and Vault together make it easy to connect applicants, students, and recent graduates with alumni and professionals from the working world.

This next-generation partnership responds to the growing need for leadership, career readiness tools and content, and access to real human connections online. Post-COVID megatrends indicate that students, alumni, and job searchers alike seek lifelong and contextual personalized learning opportunities, mentorship and coaching opportunities, authentic and lasting relationships, diversity and inclusion, experiential learning environments, and opportunities where their skills can adapt into new roles.

By fusing Vault’s content with Firsthand’s engagement platform, our goal is to better serve prospects, students, and alumni. Together these solutions match students and alumni with mentors who share similar backgrounds and who’ve worked in the locations, industries, roles, and with employers where the mentees aspire to work.

Vault and Firsthand fill a widening gap for users in need of authentic relationships, as well as employers seeking data-driven pipelines of skilled workers.

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Check Out Some of the Key Features That Drive Leading Academic Institutions like Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and Cambridge to Value Firsthand.

  • Useful features that help connect current students with appropriate alumni who are determined by the algorithm to be a match.
  • Pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with employers guarantee access to impactful conversations and opportunities for students, wherever they are.
  • Employers can fully customize their booth, host live events like webinars and group chats, feature resources, showcase job openings, and get reports on which attendees were most engaged.
  • Easy setup of virtual fairs for employers and recruiters at no extra cost—whether it’s fall and spring career fairs, student orientations, or clubs. With a fixed annual fee, there’s no limit to the number of fairs, exhibitors, or attendees.
  • Run fairs for everyone in your community or target specific groups, from the school of business to graduating seniors.

Learn More about Launching a Successful Virtual Career Fair from General Manager Fredrik Marø and Panelists Jim Lowe (Assistant Vice Provost at UConn) and Stephanie Francis (Internship Coordinator at Sacramento State).


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