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First aid, nutrition and diet, child care, kitchen and food safety, financial health, safe driving, fashion and interiors, independent living—the broad foundations of this collection provide just a hint at the hundreds of multifaceted titles it contains. From raising confident children and building psychological resilience, to understanding a 401(k) or confronting the dangers of texting and driving, this collection covers a wealth of life lessons.

This collection is available as a single-subject collection or as part of the Films On Demand Master Career & Technical Education Video Collection.

Collection Highlights:

  • Personal Finance Essentials: Financial Literacy for Young Earners – a comprehensive five-part series that prepares students to become responsible managers of their personal finances, including budgeting and decision making, banking, borrowing and debt, saving and investing, and taxes.
  • On Your Own: Independent Living Skills – a six-part series that prepares young adults to leave the nest, with a focus on finding an apartment, managing money, practical and healthy cooking, smart shopping, housekeeping, and building a professional wardrobe.
  • Accidents Happen: What to Do When You’re in a Car Accident – when an accident happens, all drivers involved have certain responsibilities. This video covers the steps to follow after the incident.
  • Healthy Eating: A Guide to Nutrition – a five-part series that covers basic nutrition, weight management, eating disorders, nutrition for athletes, and food safety and disease prevention.
  • Get into Textiles: Design, Manufacture, and Use in the 21st Century – an eight-part series exploring the 21st-century textiles industry, using case studies from top fashion houses, designers, and hands-on textiles technologists.
  • Combating Conflict with Character – preparing students for social and interpersonal conflict is every bit as challenging as teaching physics; this five-part Telly Award-winning series helps viewers navigate the dilemmas surrounding bullying, peer pressure, prejudice, unresolved anger, and general conflict management.
  • In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto – journalist Michael Pollan distills a career’s worth of reporting into a prescription for reversing the damage being done to people’s health by today’s industrially driven Western diet.
  • More than 130 birthing, parenting, and child care videos from Injoy Health Education, including many in Spanish.
  • Deadly Driving Distractions: Texting, Cell Phones, and Other Killers – poignant and persuasive, this Telly Award-winning program warns of the dangers of texting and other distractions while driving.
  • Colameco’s Kitchen Survival Guide – PBS cooking show veteran Mike Colameco presents this three-part series covering the development of basic cooking skills and techniques as well as shopping for groceries, storing food, preparing ingredients, and keeping the kitchen clean and safe.
  • Kitchen and Food Safety – a three-part series filled with easy-to-remember guidelines, sensible explanations by authorities, and simple but powerful reminders on safe food handling, food-related illness, and kitchen safety.
  • MyPlate: Understanding the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans – overview of the key concepts of MyPlate and how it correlates to the more detailed Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including portion sizes, proportions, food group choices, and caloric balance.

All titles are segmented into short, pedagogical clips, ideal for intermittent use during classroom lectures. For classwork viewing, students can choose to watch an entire film without interruption. Titles within the collection are sorted across distinct, browsable subject categories, enabling refined searches for available titles in specific topic areas.


  • Unlimited access from your computer/laptop, tablet, or phone—on campus or off
  • Create and share playlists—use premade clips, full videos, or custom segments to engage students
  • Add a personalized video introduction to any playlist you create
  • Upload the proprietary digital video content you already own and use (like lectures, seminars, etc.) to the platform
  • Captions, interactive transcripts, citations, Google Translate, and more
  • New videos added at no additional cost
  • Videos can be easily added to LibGuides, distance education courses, social media platforms, and LMSs such as D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and others
  • Public performance rights and no copyright infringement
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