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    Today’s Science bridges the gap between the science taught in class and real-world discoveries—giving in-depth explanations of important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics, and technology. Featured articles offer easy access to related content such as crossword puzzles, cartoons, and questions; additional articles that help place news and discoveries in context; and interviews with scientists that bring the research to life. An extensive backfile dating back to 1992 illustrates how one scientific advance leads to another; the stories focus on the questions scientists ask themselves and, in doing so, reinforce science educators’ traditional emphasis on the scientific method. This essential STEM resource shows how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life, helping users think like scientists—applied science in a nutshell.


    • High-Interest Science News Articles: Today’s Science contains more than 6,000 original articles, written in easy-to-understand language, highlighting the most important advances in fields such as anthropology (including archaeology), astronomy and space, biology, chemistry, Earth science, environmental science, mathematics, medicine and health, physics, psychology, science and society, and technology. Each article includes stunning videos, images, and diagrams that give students a front-row seat in a virtual scientific amphitheater.
    • Research Topics Section: Today’s Science includes summaries of key topics, with links to related articles to jump-start student research.
    • Conversations with Scientists: A unique feature and an excellent source for report topics, Today’s Science includes more than 600 engaging and insightful Q&As with today’s leading scientists across virtually every field of science. Each Q&A includes a brief introduction, including a synopsis of the scientist’s career development, academic affiliations, and awards and achievements. The articles explore the how and why of the scientists’ research as well as their perspective of the latest developments in their field and the career paths that they followed to achieve their goals. In-text links are provided to related articles, associations, and institutions.
    • Glossary of Key Terms: Today’s Science includes an extensive glossary of key scientific terms and principles in an A-to-Z index as well as pop-up glossaries throughout the database—encouraging science literacy and helping with vocabulary prep for standardized tests.
    • Editorial Cartoons & Questions: Today’s Science contains thousands of editorial cartoons chosen specifically to support and illustrate scientific principles and engage students in critical thinking.
    • Crossword Puzzles: Today’s Science also includes hundreds of crossword puzzles to help students learn and retain key scientific terms and concepts.
    • Curriculum Tools: Today’s Science provides activities, assignments, and research tools that help students speak—and educators teach—about science, including:
      • Tips for students on analyzing editorial cartoons and primary sources, evaluating online sources, avoiding plagiarism, writing research papers, and more
      • Advice for educators on assigning crossword puzzles and curriculum-based activities, conducting experiments, preventing plagiarism, discussing editorial cartoons, and using primary sources in class.
    • Video News Briefs: Extending its coverage of breaking science news, Today’s Science features hundreds of Science Video News Briefs, with more added weekly—using engaging, real-world examples to teach applied science.
    • Extensive Article Topic Index: Today’s Science includes a full, hyperlinked list of more than 200 topics in science. Whether students are looking for the latest developments in various topic areas such as immunology, green energy, human behavior, or El Niño, Today’s Science provides easy and quick access to virtually any topic in science.
    • Extensive Backfile and Hyperlinks: Today’s Science features an extensive backfile and 30,000+ embedded hyperlinks to related articles that illustrate how one scientific advance leads to another.
    • Impressive, Engaging Visuals: Today’s Science includes 18,000+ eye-catching and illuminating images, photographs, diagrams, and charts.
    • Discussion Questions: Each article in Today’s Science includes discussion questions designed to encourage critical thinking.
    • Authoritative Sources: Articles in Today’s Science are expertly researched and written by scientists and science journalists, and distilled from major scientific journals and news sources—content researchers can trust. These news sources and peer-reviewed journals include:
      • American Journal of Human Genetics
      • Applied Physics Letters
      • Astrophysical Journal
      • Biology Letters
      • Cell
      • Current Biology
      • Energy and Environmental Science
      • Genome Biology
      • Journal of Experimental Biology
      • Journal of Neuroscience
      • Journal of the American Chemical Society
      • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
      • The Lancet
      • Nature
      • Nature Nanotechnology
      • Nature Neuroscience
      • Nature Photonics
      • New England Journal of Medicine
      • Physical Review Letters
      • PLoS One
      • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)
      • Proceedings of the Royal Academy
      • Science
      • Science Advances
      • Science Translational Medicine
      • and many more.


    • Extensive biographies, focusing on more than 2,000 scientists—from historic figures to modern-day innovators
    • Article tools including print, save, email, and download to PDF
    • Correlated to Common Core, state, national, provincial, IB, College Board AP, national STEM, and Next Generation Science Standards
    • Supports 1:1 initiatives, blended instruction, flipped classrooms, and project-based learning
    • Read Aloud tool
    • Share content to Google Classroom
    • Searchable Science Encyclopedia
    • Improved search results
    • Search Assist technology
    • Google Translate for 100+ languages
    • Persistent record URL links
    • Dynamic citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA formats
    • Featured Article widget
    • Searchable Support Center with valuable help materials, how-to tips, tutorials, and live help chat.

    The ComputED Gazette‘s Education Software Review Award (EDDIES), “High School Science Database Website” category

    The ComputED Gazette‘s Best Educational Software Award (BESSIES), “High School Science Database Website” category

    Library Journal Best Database, “Best for High Schoolers” category

    Booklist Editors’ Choice Reference Source

    Booklist Top 10 E-Reference

    SIIA CODiE Award Finalist, “Best Science and Technology Information Solution” category

    “Must-have database for school research.”
    School Library Journal

    “…look to Today’s Science…The essays are engaging and reflect current research…The interface is clear and inviting…a useful tool for both students and teachers…highly recommended…”
    Booklist, starred review

    “…offers an in-depth view of real-world discoveries…clear and easy to use…Recommended.”
    Library Media Connection

    “A true curriculum-oriented science resource…a solid reference database…useful…”
    School Library Journal

    “Designed with classroom use in mind…This is a solid science source for school media centers that presents scientific topics in an engaging way.”
    American Reference Books Annual

    “…highly readable…addictive…a great introduction to current science topics…solid, well-written, and entertaining…”

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