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The Definitive Resource for Researching the World’s Countries and Geography
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    About This Product

    Comprehensive, authoritative, and easy to navigate, World Geography and Culture is an award-winning resource for the study of countries, cultures, and geography concepts.

    Every country of the world is profiled in depth, with more than 40 entries and more than 100 statistical indicators covering all aspects of its geography, history, society, and culture. At-a-glance information, maps and flags, videos, images, gazetteer entries, biographies of famous people, a timeline, and current news supplement each country profile. Information for the U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and international territories is similarly detailed.

    In addition to researching individual countries and states, a variety of tools are available for studying Earth and geographic regions, comparing countries and states, and researching terms and concepts:

    • Compare and rank countries and states by a variety of indicators.
    • Browse full-color regional and world maps on a variety of topics, including demographic, economic, education, energy, and politics.
    • Learn about key ideas important to the study of geography by exploring the Geography Concepts and Principles section.
    • Explore the Earth system through illustrations in the section Focus on the Earth.
    • Research landforms, water features, and administrative regions by browsing the Gazetteer.
    • Discover the top 10 biggest cities, largest deserts, highest mountains, and much more by viewing lists of geography extremes.
    • Look up a term in the extensive geography glossary.
    • Convert between the most common units of area, length, temperature, time, weight, energy, speed, or volume using the conversion calculator.


    • Extensive country entries: descriptions of more than 200 countries and territories, with information on geography, people and culture, weather and climate, history, government, and society; maps and flags; facts and figures; videos and images; and news articles
    • U.S. state profiles: descriptions of all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with political, outline, elevation, and locator maps; city and geographical features maps; flags; facts and figures; government information; biographies; timeline; videos, and images
    • Original, easy-to-read maps: more than 1,600 political, elevation, and outline maps; regional geographic and thematic maps; city, state, and physical features maps; and more
    • Compare and rank tools: tools that compare and rank countries or U.S. states by a variety of criteria
    • Images and videos: more than 8,000 images and illustrations offer a visual exploration of the world’s cultures and more than 2,300 video clips from 180 full-length videos provide introductions to the study of human and physical geography
    • News articles by country, updated regularly
    • Authoritative source list: expertly researched and written content from a wealth of print titles.


    • Gazetteer
    • Geography concepts and principles
    • Maps, flags, and illustrations
    • Videos and images
    • Geography glossary
    • Conversion calculators
    • “Did You Mean…?” search feature
    • Persistent record links
    • A variety of integration options and partners
    • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago formats.

    Sources Include:

    • Encyclopedia of the World’s Nations and Cultures, 4 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of World Geography, 3 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of World Constitutions, 3 volumes
    • World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties, 4 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of the United States Congress
    • Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics
    • Encyclopedia of Women and American Politics
    • Encyclopedia of World History
    • Helicon Encyclopedia of World History
    • Funk and Wagnall’s Standard Encyclopedia
    • Encyclopedia of African History and Culture, 5 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of Historic Places, 3 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of Holidays and Celebrations, 3 volumes
    • American Biographies: American Political Leaders
    • Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders, 2 volumes
    • Encyclopedia of World Scientists
    • Encyclopedia of World Writers
    • African-American Political Leaders

    Each Country Profile Includes the Following Content:

    Full Articles

    Geographical Features
    Flora and Fauna


    Ethnic Composition
    Folklore and Mythology
    Entertainment and Recreation
    Family Life
    Personal Appearance
    Culture and Lifestyle
    Holidays and Celebrations
    Rites of Passage
    Famous People
    Weather and Climate


    History Overview


    Government Overview
    Local Government
    Political Parties
    Election Process
    Other Political Forces
    National Prospects


    Foreign Policy
    Human Rights
    Living Conditions
    Status of Women
    Science and Technology

    Gazetteer Entries

    Physical and Administrative Regions
    Populated Places
    Public Works or Landmarks
    Water Features

    Maps and Flags

    Political Map
    Elevation Map
    Outline Map
    Locator Map
    Land Use & Agriculture Map
    Major City Map
    Color Flag
    Outline Flag

    Videos and Images

    Video Gallery
    Image Gallery


    Geographic Coordinates
    Area Comparison
    Land Boundaries
    Maritime Claims
    Elevation Extremes
    Natural Resources
    Land Use
    Irrigated Land
    Natural Hazards


    Country Name
    Dependency Status
    Government Type
    Administrative Divisions
    Dependent Areas
    Political Parties and Leaders
    Political Pressure Groups and Leaders
    International Organization Participation
    Diplomatic Representation in the U.S.
    Diplomatic Representation from the U.S.


    GDP (PPP)
    GDP (Real Growth Rate)
    GDP (per Capita)
    Population Below Poverty Level (%)
    Household Income or Consumption by Percentage Share (%)
    Distribution of Family Income (Gini Index)
    Inflation Rate (Consumer Prices – %)
    Labor Force
    Labor Force (by Occupation)
    Unemployment Rate (%)
    Industrial Production Growth Rate (%)
    Electricity (Production – kWh)
    Electricity (Consumption – kWh)
    Electricity (Exports – kWh)
    Oil (Production – bbl/day)
    Oil (Consumption – bbl/day)
    Oil (Exports – bbl/day)
    Oil (Imports – bbl/day)
    Oil (Proved Reserves – bbl)
    Natural Gas (Production – cu m)
    Natural Gas (Consumption – cu m)
    Natural Gas (Imports – cu m)
    Natural Gas (Proved Reserves – cu m)
    Agriculture (Products)
    Exports (Commodities)
    Exports (Partners)
    Imports (Commodities)
    Imports (Partners)
    Debt (External)
    Economic Aid (Donor)
    Currency (Code)
    Exchange Rates
    Fiscal Year


    Age Structure
    Median Age (Years)
    Birth Rate (Births/1,000 Population)
    Death Rate (Deaths/1,000 Population)
    Net Migration Rate (Migrants/1,000 Population)
    Sex Ratio (Males/Females)
    Infant Mortality Rate (Deaths/1,000 Live Births)
    Life Expectancy at Birth (Years)
    Total Fertility Rate (Children Born/Woman)
    HIV/AIDS (Adult Prevalence Rate – %)
    HIV/AIDS (People Living with HIV/AIDS)
    HIV/AIDS (Deaths)
    Ethnic Groups


    Military Branches
    Military Service Age and Obligation
    Manpower Fit for Military Service
    Manpower Reaching Military Service Age Annually
    Military Expenditures (Percent of GDP)


    Telephones (Main Lines in Use)
    Telephones (Mobile Cellular)
    Telephone System
    Television Broadcast Stations
    Radio Broadcast Stations
    Internet Country Code
    Internet Hosts
    Internet Users


    Ports and Terminals
    Merchant Marine
    Airports (with Paved Runways)
    Airports (with Unpaved Runways)


    Disputes (International)
    Illicit Drugs

    Each State Profile Includes the Following Content:

    Full Articles

    At-A-Glance Overview
    People & Culture
    Famous People Biographies
    Weather & Climate
    Points of Interest
    State Capital

    Gazetteer Entries

    Physical and Administrative Regions
    Populated Places
    Public Works or Landmarks
    Water Features

    Maps, Flags, and Symbols

    Major Cities Map
    Counties Map
    Outline Map
    Locator Map
    Elevation Map
    Color Flag
    Outline Flag
    State Seal (black and White)
    State Seal (color)
    State Bird (color)
    State Flower (color)
    State Tree (color)

    Videos and Images

    Geographic Points of Interest (Photographs)
    Landmarks (Photographs)


    Total Area
    Land Area
    Water Area
    Highest Elevation
    Lowest Elevation
    Major Rivers
    Major Lakes
    Length of Tidal Shoreline
    Rural Land Use—in thousands of acres
    Native American Land


    Violent Crimes Reported per 100,000 Population
    Property Crimes Reported per 100,000 Population
    Rate of Identity Theft per 100,000 Population
    Federal/State Prisoners
    Prisoner Executions


    Unemployment Rate
    Major Agricultural Products
    Natural and Mineral Resources
    Major Industries
    Number of Farms
    Farm Acreage in Millions
    Acreage per Farm


    Number of Degree Granting Institutions
    Total College Enrollment
    Population 25 and over High School Graduate or Higher
    Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Teachers
    Average Salary of Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers
    Average Spending per Student
    Education Expenditures—rank among states


    Resident Population
    Resident Population Percent Change
    Population Density—per square mile
    Resident Population by Race or Latino/Hispanic Origin
    Urban Population
    Rural Population
    Population 18 and under
    Population 65 and over
    Population 25 and over with Bachelor’s Degree or More
    Percentage of Persons below Poverty Level
    Per Capita Money Income in past 12 months
    Marriage Rate—per 1,000 people
    Divorce Rate—per 1,000 people
    Number of Births
    Birth Rate—per 1,000 people
    Infant Mortality Rate—per 1,000 live births
    Doctors per 100,000 Resident Population


    Number of Registered Motor Vehicles
    Total Highway Mileage
    Rank Total Traffic Fatalities

    Booklist Editors’ Choice Reference Source

    Library Journal Best Reference Source

    Library Journal Best Databases

    “…those seeking ideas for…country profiles will appreciate…World Geography & Culture Online.”
    Library Journal

    “…[an] incredible amount of appropriate and accurate material…This user-friendly and curriculum-aligned resource is highly recommended as a teaching and learning tool…”
    Booklist, starred review

    “…an excellent reference source…Highly Recommended.”
    Library Media Connection, starred review

    “…very useful for students, teachers, and librarians. Young researchers can use it to find in-depth coverage or for quick facts.”
    American Reference Books Annual

    “…both novice and expert researchers will be able to make good use of the tools it provides…will be enormously helpful to students seeking topics for research, and the imaginative presentation of data here might just entice the science-wary into the field of geography at an early age…A well-conceived and well-designed geographical reference, World Geography and Culture Online is strongly recommended for public, community college, and school libraries.”
    Library Journal

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