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Increase your instructional design and technology professional development with 800+ on-demand courses with option for certification.

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More than 350 effective, on-demand career success and technology professional development courses with option for certification.

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Customized packages tailored to your needs and curated to deliver successful learning outcomes.

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Earn Professional Development Credit / Certification or Simply Strengthen Your Skills in These Topics:

Discover Your Greatest Potential

Personalized learning modules let educators, professionals, and students discover new ideas, advance skills, and adapt to their changing environments.

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Outcome-Based Learning Framework

  • Learn It: Learn from best practices and experts in your field
  • Do It: Apply what you’ve learned to your unique set of circumstances
  • Share It: Connect, share, and learn from others in a virtual professional learning setting
  • Prove It: Assess what you’ve learned and document your progress.

Utilize Full Learning Pathways to Achieve CE Credit

Enjoy the freedom to pick and choose modules that fit your independent needs, or follow full learning pathways while you earn continuing education credits for professional development goals.

  • All subjects align with state and national standards
  • Pathways can fulfill relicensure credit in many districts

Assess and Manage Progress

Track your professional development and training through personal reporting and analytics.

  • Monitor progress and document learning
  • Track certificates of completion in one place
  • Use data to make informed decisions that impact success

Secure, Barrier-Free Accessibility

Infobase Learning Cloud supports barrier-free learning anytime, anywhere and ensures accessible instruction, offering a 508- and WCAG-compliant learning platform and resources.

The LTI tool allows institutions to quickly search and embed resources within the existing systems—including Canvas, Blackboard, Google Classroom, and many other LMS. Users will be able to tie back to the grade center and leverage content item messaging.

The compliance training Infobase is committed to includes: HIPAA, FERPA, Title IX, Diversity, and Sexual Harassment.

The Infobase Learning Framework: The resources allow users to learn from best practices, apply learning to an activity, collaborate with others, and document their learning through assessments. This allows for a personalized, complete learning path. Infobase offers several online assessment options that can be used as a pre- and post-assessment.

Customize Your Own Learning Platform

Learn Every Single Day!

Your institution can leverage the custom training platform to help communicate training, policies, resources with everyone in your organization, including employees, students, and other professionals. Infobase supports a variety of formats including video, audio, document file, and external links to websites, as well as Infobase resources. Any uploaded resource that is tied to the reporting system can be assigned through the platform or through your LMS.

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