Films On Demand: Nursing: Core Collection

Films On Demand: Nursing: Core Collection






Nursing: Core Collection

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About This Product

This collection is designed not only to help nursing students excel in their studies and pass licensure exams, but also to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care system. It features titles from trusted producers such as Medcom-Trainex, Elsevier, Cengage Learning/Concept Media, Classroom Productions, Inc., NEVCO, Wolters Kluwer Health, Institute for Professional Care Education/Medifecta, PESI, Inc., and others.

  • Nursing Skills – with titles covering core clinical skills as well as the unique skills needed in emergency and medical-surgical nursing.
  • Patient Care and Interventions – covering the best practices of care for a wide range of conditions and scenarios, including geriatric care, home health nursing, abuse and violence, hospice and palliative care, oncology, psychiatric care, gynecology and obstetrics, pain management, and pediatric and neonatal care.
  • Nursing Foundations – includes videos on anatomy and physiology, diet and nutrition, pharmacology, and lifespan development.
  • Diseases, Disorders, and Disabilities – includes videos on cardiovascular, infectious, and communicable diseases, learning disabilities, and developmental, metabolic and endocrine, respiratory, neurological, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Special Topics in Nursing – covering critical situations that nurses encounter in addition to their core responsibilities, including ethical and legal issues, health and safety for health care providers, management and leadership, and medical research and advances.

All programs are segmented into multiple pedagogical clips, convenient for intermittent use during classroom lectures or as assigned classwork.

  • Use video in class or as assigned classwork to reinforce complex medical techniques outlined in a textbook
  • Integration tools—view on our Films On Demand platform, or take individual videos into online course pages, LibGuides or an LMS with unique URLs, embed codes and LTI integration options
  • Mobile app available for Apple iOS and Android
  • Unlimited access from any location—on campus or off
  • Tablet- and mobile-friendly
  • Create and share playlists—use premade clips, full videos, or custom segments
  • Create quizzes within individual videos and share within a custom class or email list
  • All videos have captions, interactive transcripts, citations, translation options, and more
  • Limited performance rights in educational settings