First-Year Experience: Interactive Infographic

First-Year Experience: Interactive Infographic

The First-Year Experience may be different for students transitioning in 2020. With so many U.S. students learning virtually since midway through their high school senior year, it is obvious that the first-year transition for those who proceed to higher education now will be unlike any before. For instructors and librarians, this means a transition as well, to all-virtual and/or blended instruction.

Community colleges will particularly need to be prepared for fully distant or blended classes. Statistics from Columbia University’s Community College Research Center indicate an impending influx of students due to increasing unemployment and the desire of new students to stay closer to home and spend less on their education.

Serving the new and returning student, Infobase is here to help provide insight into the first year and offer resources to support librarians and instructors during these ever-evolving times.

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