Q&A with the Editor: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Relaunch: Video

Q&A with the Editor: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Relaunch: Video

Our conversation with Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center’s Editor-in-Chief, James Chambers, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the database’s recent relaunch—from what inspired the redesign to its key new content and features (including the new fully responsive design, the enhanced multimedia experience, the many enhancements, and James’s personal favorite) to what makes it stand out from the competition.

“…offers resources and reference content for lifelong career exploration, planning, and advancement…nearly all of our content is proprietary and closely curated, edited, and updated on an on-going basis. I don’t know of any other career resource that offers that range of career information that we have in Ferguson’s or information in as much depth, plus the ongoing editorial oversight to respond to changes in the world of work. Ferguson‘s is really a living, breathing database that we’re always working on…It has something for everyone. It’s really an excellent starting point and an excellent touch point to come back to over time.”—James Chambers, Editor-in-Chief, on Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

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