The Credo Second-Year Student Transition Guide: White Paper

The Credo Second-Year Student Transition Guide: White Paper

Extending Retention and Student Success Efforts Beyond the FYE

Often lost in the transition between the welcoming support of the First-Year Experience and the relationships formed with faculty once students select their major, second-year students present a unique set of needs. From navigating new social pressures, to forming their self-identity, to honing their academic skills, second-year students can quickly become overwhelmed. 

Addressing these issues effectively can boost retention, graduation rates, and student success—and libraries are in a unique position to help!

Beth Black, Librarian and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, provides insights into the reasons second-years often go astray, and examines strategies and programs that libraries across the country are using to support students and extend the impact of library services, including:

  • Why First-Year Programs Matter
  • How to Maximize Library Instruction for Second-Year Students
  • How to Collaborate and Partner Across Campus to Advance Second-Year Success
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