Time-Saving Challenges and Ideas for K–12 Educators: Infographic

Time-Saving Challenges and Ideas for K–12 Educators: Infographic

5 Technology-Enabled Cross-Curricular Content Resources to Build Better Information Literacy Skills and More!

Survey says! When it comes to information literacy instruction, the top three challenges libraries face today are: lack of time, lack of faculty resources, and limited budget. Infobase make it easier for librarians, educators, and caregivers to create stimulating activities, lessons, and courses while providing a fun and engaging learning environment for students with our five cross-curricular K–12 online products: Learn360 (streaming media), Classroom Video On Demand: Master Curriculum Collection (streaming video), The World Almanac® for Kids (online reference), The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary, (online reference), and Source Reference (research database).

Our student-focused, user-friendly, and educator time-savers deliver vetted and safe streaming videos, reference databases, and eBook collections through seamless integrations into your institution’s LMS. Whether they’re just learning their ABC’s or preparing for college, our five foundational products allow users to explore age-appropriate subjects while developing online research skills with trusted content sources.

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