Infobase’s Diversity Toolkit

Celebrating diversity in your community helps foster a sense of respect, equity, and inclusion. We’ve gathered a wealth of content and digital tools—including special expert-led webinars, blogs, and relevant Infobase resources—to empower you with fresh insights, information, and practical strategies.
Scroll down for resources that celebrate and support diversity—and so much more!—at all levels, covering:
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Join Audrey Barbakoff—librarian, educator, and CEO of Co/Lab Capacity LLC, an organization that offers community-centered consulting for social good—as she discusses strategies for authentic collection inclusion in your library. We will also discuss Infobase’s editorial philosophies that support building authentic collections.

Who Are We Missing? Diversity Audits to Assess Academic Library Collections Workshop: 2-Part Webinar Series

Is your institution preparing for a DEI audit of your library collections? Looking for insights into how to begin approaching such a large project? This series covers the before and after of a successful DEI collection audit, featuring two college librarians who have recently completed one. María Evelia Emerson and Lauryn Lehman discuss the use of audits as a tool for assessing diversity and inclusion within library collections and their planning, processes, and assessment of their audit experience

Don’t Believe the Hype: Educating Beyond DEI Through Justice and to Healing

The social uprising and unrest of 2020 resulted in an increased institutional focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). Many school districts, colleges/universities, municipalities, and corporations scrambled to show their “wokeness” by establishing or re-igniting DEI initiatives and hiring DEI-focused staff. These efforts were happening parallel to attempts by some to control curriculum, limit academic freedom, and stifle efforts to ensure educational equity.

Using Bloom’s Literature to Study Classic Diverse Authors

Bloom’s Literature’s unparalleled content on major writers and works includes a wealth of resources on the greatest diverse writers, ranging from modern classics, such as Sandra Cisneros, Amy Tan, and Toni Morrison, to classics of the past, such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Ralph Ellison, and many more. Our search statistics show that these writers are among the most accessed in the entire database, even more popular than contemporary best-sellers. Jeff Soloway, Executive Editor of Bloom’s, discusses the enduring importance of the greatest diverse authors. Plus, learn how students can hear from contemporary authors in their own voices via the thousands of Publishers Weekly print interviews and podcasts.

A Discussion of Harmful Coded Language: Decoding Whiteness and Anti-Blackness in Education.


In this webinar, doctoral candidate and Unstandardized English podcast host JPB Gerald discusses the ways in which seemingly “neutral” descriptors, particularly involving race, can mask societal hierarchies, and provides strategies for avoiding linguistic pitfalls. JPB walks through a series of examples wherein these seemingly neutral words may go unnoticed to some, but can have polarizing effects, depending on perspective and experience. Viewers will come away with new insights as to how they can use language to challenge oppression in their roles as educators. We should all remember that our words hold power to both elevate and potentially deconstruct our audience.

Unpacking New Diversity Titles


In this timely webinar, Sue Maniloff, VP Business Development at Omnigraphics, covers the increasing need for diversity resources in schools and libraries as well as the benefits of conducting a diversity audit to best assess which areas within a collection need further development. Intended for school administrators, librarians, and educators, this informative session discusses the importance of unpacking and building diversity collections for various marginalized groups, helping attendees see themselves as a mirror and also as a window, seeing other points of view. Sue also spotlights the newly published Understanding and Navigating Discrimination in America, available now in Credo Reference and Source Reference.

Watch our exclusive interview with Sue Maniloff and check out her blog!

Abbott Is Changing the Face of STEM


We’ve partnered with Abbott to showcase its groundbreaking podcast series for women breaking into STEM careers, Shaping the Future of STEM.

As a global health technology company that recruits world-class scientists and engineers, Abbott knows women are critical to solving the world’s biggest problems with smart, imaginative thinking. In this unique series, you will learn firsthand from Abbott female high school and college interns interviewing Abbott female scientists and engineers on topics such as paths to STEM careers, challenges women may face in STEM and how to overcome them, why working in STEM is rewarding, and much more!

#thisisamerica: A Webinar Series on Black America and Educational Inequalities in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond


Session 1: How COVID-19 Placed a Spotlight on the Inequalities in America’s School System

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed—and widened—a number of critical gaps in the American education system, as the closing of many underserved schools impacted remote students with limited access to Wi-Fi, lack of school lunch, lack of parental supervision, and little funding, to name just a few of the challenges. In this first part of a two-session webinar series, expert Derris Hawkins-Smith offers an insightful look at these very real opportunity gaps, including his ideas on what can be improved—and how.

Session 2: Are We There Yet? A Discussion about Next Steps for Black America, 2021 & Beyond

The past year saw no shortage of political and social protests and unrest that underline how much work still needs to be done in the name of racial justice and equity. In this second part of a two-session webinar series, expert Derris Hawkins-Smith leads a thoughtful discussion about the state of Black America today, with a look at the crucial steps that must be taken on the path forward.

LJ Webcast: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Public Library.

This webinar features a panel of distinguished public library professionals who are embracing their role as community leaders. The thoughtful discussion spotlights how these librarians are promoting equity and inclusion and offering support for their diverse communities. They share their experiences improving services for underserved populations, adopting effective racial literacy plans, and taking concrete action to create inclusive and welcoming library spaces and services to uplift their communities. Presented by Infobase and Library Journal

How HBCU Morgan State University Empowers Its Students to Discover Their Best Next Step: Q&A Case Study


Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, is a longtime subscriber of Vault Campus and an HBCU. Seana T. Coulter, M.Ed., NCC, BC-TMH, Director of MSU’s Center for Career Development, shares her experience, advice, and ideas on effective career advising for today’s students and career landscape. She also discusses the ins and outs of virtual interviewing and how Vault helps her students prepare for life after graduation.

Key Tips for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion At Your Public Library: Infographic

With the right set of tools, and open communication, we can all work toward a more diverse and inclusive environment for our public libraries. Our infographic highlights key touch points in establishing, supporting, and promoting diversity and inclusion for public library staff and community alike.

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Understanding Racial Literacy in the U.S.

Content for Students, Faculty, and Librarians

Are your students and patrons discussing the Black Lives Matter movement—and the critical issues it raises such as racism, diversity, civil rights, protests, freedom of expression, and global citizenship? To offer educators insightful background and context on these vital topics, we’ve compiled packages of relevant content available in Infobase resources—take a free trial today to see the wealth of content.