Featured Instructional Strategies Products for K–12 Schools and Districts

Selected Products for Educators and Students

The teaching and learning landscape is evolving. Educators and administrators need products that engage students, meet curriculum needs, facilitate comprehension, and save time. Infobase has an array of products that address these needs and that do double duty in classrooms and for research.

Our instructional strategies products empower students and educators:

  • Help with lessons and lesson planning 
  • Use for assignments, discussion starters, and essay and research topics
  • Classroom management tools
  • Expertly researched, trustworthy content
  • A variety of assets and tools to help encourage critical-thinking skills and problem-solving approaches
  • Easy integration into any learning management system for seamless use in lessons 
  • Use in virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning
  • Improve research and writing skills

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Bloom’s Literature

Middle / High School

Bloom’s Literature is rich with relevant content on authors, works, themes, and more. Try these ideas:

Use the 10,000+ Essay Topics—have students submit essays as assign­ments or use them as in-class discus­sion questions

Assign reading with 1,000+ full-text literary classics eBooks, including The Great Gatsby and Jane Eyre

Show videos of great literary adaptations—800+ full-length videos are broken down into segments so you can use either a key scene or the whole video

Get students writing their papers—in addition to general writing help sections, use the How to Write about Literature section for student-friendly guidance on how to write about the most assigned authors and works

Plus, a robust Shakespeare Center, 2,600+ full-text poems with analytical entries, 5,000+ Publishers Weekly author interviews & podcasts, and more.

Learn more about Bloom’s Literature.

Issues & Controversies

Middle / High School

Issues & Controversies helps students understand today’s crucial issues and inspires thought-provoking debates by presenting both sides of an issue clearly and without bias.

Educator Support Materials

Selected issues feature overview videos and Educator Resources to extend the lesson, including overviews, learning objectives, self-assessments with answer keys, discussion questions, and more

Curriculum Tools for Educators include Assessing Students’ Speeches, Assigning Student Interviews, Exploring Point of View, Preventing Plagiarism, Using Editorial Cartoons, Learning Through Debate, and more


  • Oxford-style Intelligence Squared debate videos
  • Bloomberg QuickTake videos
  • Reuters® newsfeed, NPR audio, “Bill of Rights in Debate,” National High School Debate Topics, court cases, and more

Learn more about Issues & Controversies.

Streaming Media Resources


K–12 Schools & Districts

Classroom Video On Demand

High School / AP

Our vast, cross-curricular streaming media powerhouses are indispensable for any teaching strategy and provide more than 200,000 media resources.

Key features for educators:

  • Vetted, safe, ad-free content from the best producers, including landmark BBC series such as Planet Earth
  • Quiz Tool increases engagement and assesses progress
  • Share to Google Classroom, plus Class Sync & Assignment creation tools
  • Add a personalized video intro to your playlists to give an overview or context
  • Correlated to educational standards
  • Integration options and partners, including Schoology, itsLearning, Canvas, and D2L

Learn more about Learn360 and  Classroom Video On Demand.

The World Almanac® for Kids

Middle School / Junior High School

For intermediate-level students, this cross-curricular product provides accessible reference content that does double duty in the classroom. Each of the 55+ topic areas provides resources for in-class or at-home projects, homework, reports, and more

Teacher Resources, with Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for selected modules—with learning objectives, vocabulary, ideas and themes, handouts, and critical-thinking and assessment activities—plus graphic organizers, maps, diagrams, and an interactive, SMART Board-friendly classroom Trivia Challenge

Homework Help Tools

Including study tips; writing help; guides on using a map, dictionary, thesaurus, and timeline; math help; research help; and more

Plus, Interactive Quizzes, Puzzles, Games, and More

Learn more about The World Almanac® for Kids.

The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

Elementary School

For elementary-level students, this cross-curricular product provides trustworthy content that can be used in class and at home. The 40+ topics span subjects such as animals, habitats, famous Americans, holidays, plants, community helpers, early civilizations, the solar system, Reader’s Corner, math, and more. Look for these key features for educators:

Teacher Resources

Worksheets, graphic organizers, and classroom management forms to use with any lesson, plus science diagrams and projects

A Variety of Engaging Assets

Extensive, up-to-date articles; images; videos; maps; flags; science projects, including projects for students with disabilities; interactive worksheets, games, quizzes, and puzzles; Fun Facts; and much more

Learn more about The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary.

The Mailbox® School & District

PreK to Grade 6

For more than 40 years, The Mailbox® has been the leader in providing teacher-created ideas that work.

  • The classroom tips and tools help educators build practical skills in the all-important area of successful classroom management—recognized as the #1 characteristic of being an effective teacher.
  • All content is carefully planned and edited by our in-house team of former teachers.
  • All of the activities and ideas in The Mailbox® School & District are educationally sound, practical, easy to use, error-free, and child-centered.

Unique Lesson Plan Builder

Create and save personalized lesson plans—comprehensive plans with activities that introduce a skill, sheets to practice it multiple times and multiple ways, and an assessment that checks for understanding

Learn more about The Mailbox® School & District.