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Using Educational Technology Offline: Tips to Reduce Screen Fatigue


Join us to learn creative examples supporting OFFscreen time learning using digital resources  

It’s 2022. Perhaps you began the year with grand goals of curricular alignment, collaborative activities, and joyfully engaged students. Instead, some students have started the year learning remotely, others have started the year with substitutes, and almost all have started the year with an abundance of screen time.

No matter how your year began, we’re pretty sure that you and your students are yearning for a little less screen time and a lot more connection. It’s 2022 and it’s time to reconnect and find your joy in the classroom again. Whether your passion comes from engaging math rotations, inquiry-based project learning, or some added mindfulness, Learn360 has an abundance of screen-free resources to simplify your lesson planning and revitalize your classroom.


Learn How to Leverage the Right Digital Tools to Connect with Your Students

Chart a New Course: SEL & Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s World

In this webinar, edtech consultant Rachelle Dené Poth joins us as we explore versatile ideas and digital tools for helping students to navigate in the digital world while building the vital SEL and communication skills they need. Providing a space to connect with our students is critical. Whether in our classrooms or virtually, we can foster connectedness by leveraging the right tools. Empower students as they develop skills essential for their future!

Rachelle Dené Poth is an edtech consultant, presenter, attorney, author, and teacher. Rachelle teaches Spanish and STEAM: Emerging Technology. Rachelle has a master’s in instructional technology. She is an ISTE Certified Educator, past-president of ISTE Teacher Education Network, and ISTE Community Leader. She received the Making IT Happen Award in 2019 and was named one of 30 K–12 IT Influencers in 2021. Rachelle is the author of six books focused on education and edtech



Creative Ways to Integrate STEM into Your Curriculum, Whether in Person or Remote

While many educators want to include STEM in their curricula, many question how to successfully do this, especially with students both in person and remote in 2021. In this informative webinar, expert Ryan Read will share creative, practical strategies. Educators from elementary to college level will learn ways to adapt and integrate STEM education both in person and digitally—from creating eco-environments to implementing Genius Hour, and from creating stop-motion videos with objects in nature to creating graphic design projects for future careers. It all starts with the simple question, “What can I do with this?” and leads to amazing discoveries for both the students and teachers.


Integrating PBL into Your Classes Using Free Creativity Tools and the Coaching Integration Matrix

With new technology being used in the classroom both in person and remotely, many educators are looking for ways for students to apply their learning by creating meaningful projects instead of checking off another box on an assignment list. In this webinar, expert Ryan Read shows you how to adapt a lesson plan using his Coaching Integration Matrix and free creativity tools such as Canva, which can be used across any mobile or desktop device. This approach will focus on both the 4 Cs and 7 Cs of Education and utilize the Problem-Based Learning model to show student understanding and application.


Ryan Read has an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology with seven years’ experience in the field. He has been a part of several conferences presenting on the use of iPad, Chromebook, digital classroom and technology integration, and the use of his creation, App Dice. A Google Level 1 and 2 Educator, Ryan continues to explore the changes in Educational Technology and classroom integration with the latest technology. He is presently a Business and Technology Teacher at Stillman Valley High School in MCUSD #223 School District. Ryan is also the host of his own podcast, The Pixel Classroom Podcast, and co-hosts the MCUSD #223 Teacher Podcast.


Kiera O’Shea Vargas is an educator, lawyer, and librarian whose education consulting firm, EPIFHANY, LLC, focuses on mentoring students and educators by assisting them with growth on topics that are typically taboo in society. Her experiences in classrooms, in libraries, and within the many organizations she consults has afforded her an abundance of experience that has helped her over the years. Kiera obtained a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communication (concentration in Public Relations) and a master’s in science in English Education (concentration in African American Studies) from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She received her teaching credentials from Greensboro College and has had teaching licenses in several states over the years. She also obtained a master’s in Library and Information Sciences and a Juris Doctor. Kiera will begin her Ph.D. studies in the School of Information Science at the University of South Carolina beginning Fall 2021. In her spare time, she blogs for the American Library Association.

Educator Collaborations for Success: Embedded Librarianship

Encouraging Librarians to Collaborate to Foster Relationships within Institutions


Becoming the K–12 Embedded Librarian: Encouraging Librarians to Collaborate to Foster Relationships within Their Schools

Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school librarian or teacher, this interactive webinar will give you the knowledge and skills to understand the significance of using the embedded librarian approach to successfully support K–12 students. Education consulting expert Kiera Vargas, founder of EPIFHANY, LLC, shares practical strategies that librarians and educators can use together to develop relationships, assist each other with providing diverse and equitable material for students, and improve student self-efficacy, both during and post-COVID and whether online or face to face.


Read the accompanying blog!

The Embedded Librarian: Building Relationships Across the College Campus

College students are still learning the importance of research, but the library and its many resources can often be a bit daunting and overwhelming. In this interactive webinar, education consulting expert Kiera Vargas, founder of EPIFHANY, LLC, focuses on the importance of embedded librarianship, offering practical examples and strategies for how college librarians and professors can work together to help students feel more confident and less intimidated by research skills and the numerous research platforms.


Read the accompanying blog!

A Special Event on Collaborative Learning, with Infobase and eSchool News

eSchool News Webinar: Strategies for Creating a Successful Collaborative Learning Environment, Virtual or In-Person

An effective instructional strategy on its own merits, collaborative learning demonstrated some additional benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic—for instance, it provided a much-needed sense of connectedness and social interaction among students, and with the right digital technology, was able to be moved seamlessly to a virtual environment. Collaborative learning can increase student retention and learning, enhance self-confidence, and empower students with skills that will prepare them for lifelong success, in the workplace and beyond.

In this webinar, our panel of educators discusses best practices—and pitfalls to avoid—when implementing or improving your collaborative classroom, and why professional training can be so valuable in supporting educators with the tools they need to use this instructional strategy effectively.

Presented by Infobase & eSchool News.


photo of Bonnie Blan, MBA

Bonnie Blan, MBA

Professional Development Consultant @Infobase
Bonnie Blan has been an educator for more than 30 years, teaching Pre-K through higher ed. As a Technology Director and Instructional Technology Coordinator, Bonnie worked with educators in numerous school districts to establish instructional strategies for project-based learning. She retired from full-time teaching in 2018 and now works with school districts and Infobase as a Professional Development Consultant for Texas’s statewide digital resources program, TexQuest.

photo of Ashly Spencer, Ed.D.

Ashly Spencer, Ed.D.

Instructional Technology Specialist and Gifted & Talented Specialist @Kennedale ISD
Dr. Ashly Spencer works as an instructional technologist for her district, collaborating with district leaders, campus-level administrators, and classroom teachers ranging from Pre-K-12th grade to provide strategies for developing high-quality technology integration into teaching and learning to improve student performance district wide. She is the 2021 TCEA Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year.

First-Year Educators Survival Guide


First-Year Experience: Interactive Infographic

The First-Year Experience may be different for students transitioning this year. With so many U.S. students learning virtually since midway through their high school senior year, it is obvious that the first-year transition for those who proceed to higher education will be unlike any before. Serving the new and returning student, whether in-person or remote, Infobase is here to help provide insight into the first year and offer resources to support librarians and instructors during these ever-evolving times.


Credo’s Interactive FYE Guide, Second Edition: White Paper

Does your job involve working with first-year students? These patrons arrive with varying levels of library experience and of information literacy, so assisting them can be a challenge. In Credo’s First Year Experience (FYE) Guide, Second Edition, Raymond Pun, formerly First Year Student Success Librarian at Fresno State, and now Instruction/Research Librarian at the Alder Graduate School of Education, offers guidance and case studies related to the crucial first year.

Taking FYE Online: Advice and Materials from Films On Demand and Credo: Webinar

Credo’s First-Year Experience Guide, Second Ed. has all the information you need to create a solid FYE program, including how to bring it online. In this webinar, we offer tips for your FYE curriculum, as well as ideas for getting students engaged in the online classroom and how to teach IL skills remotely. We also cover material from Films On Demand that will help students make the most of their first year, including videos on study skills, motivation, and financial literacy as it relates to college.


Turn Your Public Library into a Homeschool Hub


Credo Reference: Complete Core for Homeschoolers Webinar

Credo Reference: Complete CoreLibrary Journal’s “Must Have” reference database for public libraries in 2020 is an outstanding resource for homeschooling families in your community. Learn how Credo Reference can be a vetted, trustworthy alternative to Wikipedia for those families who school at home.


Public Library Programs for the Homeschool Community: Webinar

More and more families are taking up homeschooling for their children’s education, and a significant percentage of at-home educators rely heavily on public library resources and services to aid in teaching their children. If you’re looking for creative programming ideas that can help you meet your homeschool community’s needs and help at-home students excel in their studies and beyond, watch this webinar, where we hear from three libraries with three very different approaches to public library and homeschool partnerships.

Learning at Home: Public Library Resources for Homeschooling Families Webinar

Is your public library responsible for supporting homeschooling families in your community? Come see what resources Infobase provides for in-home instruction for students of all ages—perfect for National Homeschooling Awareness Month and all year long!


Master New Skills, Practice Concepts, Share Ideas, and Assess Learning


Engage and Motivate Students


Hawaiian Middle School Leverages Streaming Media for Personalized Instruction and Highly Productive, Self-Directed Learning: Case Study

Resources for self-guided learning and personalized instruction for the “YouTube generation” are in high demand.Made in partnership with School Library Journal, our case study profiles how the School Librarian at Central Middle School in Honolulu, Hawaii, successfully utilizes the Learn360 streaming media platform to empower teachers with highly engaging, cross-curricular video and multimedia content for all learning levels.



Taking Teaching Online: Tips and Resources from Makematic: Webinar

There have been a lot of changes to the education and learning landscape and educators now more than ever are hungry for pedagogy-focused professional development to help them motivate and engage students in online teaching environments. Acclaimed educational producer Makematic has designed a video course to help educators quickly adapt to online teaching and learning. With a focus on pedagogy over technology, its new Teaching Online Master Class series has been made by teachers for teachers.

5 Instructional Strategies to Keep Students Engaged in Virtual Classrooms: Infographic


10 Ways Effective Ideas to Instruct and Engage Students with Infobase Learning Cloud: PDF


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